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  1. RICHEST kids salmon tournament EVER. Holland Steelheaders Kids and Kings. Over $5000 cash and prizes. $500 first prize. Pay outs or prizes for top 50+ spots. Lots of free raffel prizes including 4 bikes. Sat June 25. You only need 1 fish per kid to weigh. See www.hollandsteelheaders.org to sign up. $25 entry fee.
  2. RICHEST kids salmon tournament EVER. Holland Steelheaders Kids and Kings. Over $5000 cash and prizes. $500 first prize. Pay outs or prizes for top 50+ spots. Lots of free raffel prizes including 4 bikes. Sat June 25. You only need 1 fish per kid to weigh. See www.hollandsteelheaders.org to sign up. $25 entry fee.
  3. Started in 150 and trolled out to 275. Lots of high marks but no takers and no temp breaks. Found 1 small laker. Pulled and ran back to 150 and fished there to 110 with 1 small silver lost and another small laker. ONLY 5 DAYS LEFT to sign up for KIDS & KINGS. $500 first place, paying 50 spots. See Hollandstealheaders.org for rules and signup
  4. 3RD annual Holland SteelHeaders Kids and Kings tournament is June 27th. Last year we had 108 kids. This year we have shirts and goodie bags for the first 150 signups. First prize is $500 and we well be paying cash and or awards down 75 places, and big fish in 3 classes. Also plenty of door prizes. Very simple rules each kid weighs 1 fish. This tourney was featured on MI Outdoors last year and you can still see the episode on-line(July show). See all the rules and on-line sign up at hollandsteelheaders.org. This is by far the biggest premire kids tourney on the great lakes.
  5. Pre fished friday for the BB and caught 20 coho and a shaker king. Sat managed 1 little brown and a laker and again as many coho as you wanted. Red dodgers and blue gold peanut took 60% of the ho's even one that was down to about 5 strands of tinsel. Chalets to just past the power plant in 30 to 35 was the ticket. 38 for 43 overall. I LOST a single car key on a key fab in the st joe launch parking lot if anyone found one.
  6. promised I'd take my grandson fishing today. left at 7:15 for South haven. Truck started getting loud and running bad. Exhaust pipe broke. Decided to head to Holland but the truck started running so bad I went home and switched vehicles. Put in the water at Holland and headed for the big lake only to find the channel was locked in solid. Put the boat back on the trailer and headed to PS. Finally made the big lake and managed 1 brown and 1 sea gull that went for a gray thin fin that hit the surface when it got tangled in a balloon. Had 1 other big rip that broke off. Keep my promise.
  7. i run both 45 and 32 usually one of each on each side with the 32 on the outside. I never seem to catch the 45 when I go over it. I have added 2 colors of lead to my 32 and still dont catch the 45 so I think it must run a little deeper.
  8. not that I noticed. It was a 12" forshner with a black handle. I left it there Wed night at about 10:45. It didn't have a case with it.
  9. Went 5 for 8 in 100 to 120 50 and down. 3 kings and 2 steel. 4 bites on meat. left my Foresher knife at the cleaning station late last night if anyone happens to find it
  10. another flat calm day. We set up in 100fow at 5:45 and I literly had 2 boards ripped out of my hands as I was attaching the line. We worked 120 to 150 almost by ourselves as everyone else went deep. We took 4 nice kings and 1 #8 steelie. Biggest king hit a rigger 45 down with blue dolphin and weighed almost 21#. All hits were blues and greens spoons. No flasher flies at all. I think there were good numbers in there but it really slowed when the sun came up then turned back on about 10am when we lost a double. Dont forget there is only 3 weeks left to sign up for the Kids and Kings tournament for June 28th. $500 first prize, paying down 25 spots and awards down to 50 spots. Only the first 100 get goodie bags that include tshirts, a spinning combo, and a lot more. Go to Hollandsteelheaders.org to sign up. Take a kid fishing, it will be a lot of fun.
  11. we went south to Saugy and set up trolling south in 40 to 60fow. we were into fish all day and ended up 15 for 20. 80% of our hits came between 3.0 and 3.3 on the surface and 2.7 to 2.9 below. 175 copper with mag mixed veggie uv went at least 6 times. Ended with 3 fish just before 12:00 13 miles south of Holland
  12. I know there is already a post from our trip on here. Just wanted to thank FBD for tip. First 1/2 hour we were not finding them. We moved into 8 to 12fow and it was non stop all the way to the power plant. Found something better than fishing with my kids, fishing with my kids and grandkids at the same time. Dont forget we have Tony Salerno from Living the Dream speaking for the Holland Steellheaders Thur at the Yatch Basin. No charge, Drinks at 6 dinner(donations) at 7. Find out why Living the Dream is one of the most consitant winners on the tour. Great place to meet area fellow fisherman. More info on our web site. Hollandsteelheaders.org
  13. This year will be our 2nd annual Holland Steelheaders Kids And Kings tournament. It will be on June 28th. The prize money is even bigger and we will be paying down cash and or prizes to 50th place. Last year our winner with a #19 king walked away with $600. Last year we had 72 girls and boys enter and this year we will be doing "goodie bags" and tshirts for the first 100 to sign up. The cost is $25 per kid, and its a weigh 1 fish per kid. Last year was a blast and just about eveyone who fished said they would be back so don't wait to long to sign up. You can find more info on our website including rules and online sign up at http://www.hollandsteelheaders.org. We need HELP. Anyone that would be willing to help with sponsorship donations would be welcomed. I fish a lot of tournaments and this has been the most exciting and rewarding of them all. You will get a lot of bang for your buck and it all goes to the kids and trying to interest a future generation in our sport. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any interest or questions on how you or your company can be involved. Any support will be very appreciated.
  14. Here is the big question??? Are the 20#+ we are catching this year 3 or 4 year olds. Nobody knows yet. The DNR are waiting on results. Kings should run in 4 years. Ours don't. Only about 5% that show up anymore are 4 year olds. In the 70's they were coming back as 4 year olds. When I asked the Basin biologist last year why they were running at 2 and 3 year olds I was told the main #1 reason they run early is stress. #1 reason for stress, lack of food and lack of nourishing food. Obviously food is not a problem because you don't get 30# without it. So here is the question they don't have an answer for. Are we catching 20#+ 3 year olds that are still running at 3 years that have been eating very well, OR, did a lot of 3 year olds stay out an extra year to become 4 year olds because they weren't stressed. Remember, a 4 year old can get 40#+ in Lake MI with enough food, and 60#+ in the ocean. You have to eat well all 3 or 4 years to get to 20#+ sizes, so if they have been eating well(YES) than why are they claiming with have a problem with no Alewives. Ask any good fisherman with good electronis on this side of the lake what they saw for bait this year, PLENTY. I would say the fish are making LIARS out of some of the DNR, or maybe they found something else to eat, like sea fleas, that don't show up in their stomachs.
  15. PS I personally got a 20 and 23# king Sat both on boards. In 7 years I didn't have 1 over 20 and this year I've got 4.
  16. obviously I was running boards in the channel Sat and not trying to piss anyone off. Dont know how I snagged you Jimmy, except maybe that Rapala was not tuned right and was really digging to the right because that board was only about 8 feet from the boat and we weren't even close. Let me know what you lost and I replace it(I have a huge selection of JPSlammers that really work well if you needs some). If your going to run boards you just gotta be smart. Mine are usually 8 to 10ft out from the boat. That puts them inside my dipsy's and no further back because I run 2 color or short copper. Basicly there running right over my dipsy's. I always look to see how much traffic there is. Holland was light Sat compared to GH where I have never run boards combat fishing. I also don't run them unless I have experienced mates on board. We reel them things in and out as traffic allows. They work just as well 4 feet from the boat sometimes. You can even reel them right up to the pole tips in the trees and crank a crazy ivan and have them stay above the rest of your spread till you straighten out. Besides hookin Jimmy we never had an issue Sat and no one yelled at me or flipped me off. For the most part I thought most of the guys Sat really cooperated well. You got to admit though they do cacth fish, and we womped em pretty good Fri and Sat. The biggest problem we have runnin boards is not other boats but the pier guys. Why they have to throw 15 feet behind me I'll never understand and get pissed when they catch me. Only got caught once Sat and he was cool and ran my way and neither of us lost anything. Note to pier guys- give me 50ft and then let your baits sink deeper before you retrive(20 hook-ups in 2 trips and never took a fish above 15ft. I love this kind of fishing, rigger hits 15ft down are spectacular. I love catching fish that haven't been dragged the lenght off a foot ball field. If I lose some equipment, which I do so be it. I'll try my best to stay out off your way, but I will be fishing boards. LASTLY. Who ever hooked up and broke off a king in the channel with a "closer" flasher Sat, we snagged it with a rigger which looked like a lake trout hit, and when we pulled up the ball it dragged it up to the surface and it was the biggest king I have ever seen in the water. My guess was 28 to 30#. Just missed a chance to net it 4 feet behind the boat before it pulled free. So you can brag all you want about the big one that got away.
  17. Anybody know how to get a hold of Tony with TSFLIES. He fishes on Break Time. Need phone number.
  18. what a riot. a 9 year old and a 6 year old girl as crew in a 14 footer with a 15 hp beats everyone.
  19. The Holland Steelheaders Kids and Kings is only 2 weeks away. Over $2000 in cash and prizes for only a $25 entry fee per kid. But you need to hurry up and sign up if you want to get one of the 50 goodie bags, and they are well worth it. Sign up on www.hollandsteelheaders.org or get more info there as well.
  20. Sign up through fri on line. Gauanteed $2000 1st place, $500 big fish for only a $70 entry fee, plus much more. On line sign up on our website. www.hollandsteelheaders.org
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