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  1. Should be a good day Martin. I'm sure a bigger spread would have put more fish in the boat quicker. 2 other boats at the launch when I pulled out. 2 guys who only had one bite and 3 guys who had 15 fish. 2 guys said they never touched deeper than 20 fow.
  2. St Joe City Launch. Yes all the docks are in. Lots of guys launch across the river at the Benton Harbor DNR launch because they already have their sticker. I've had a truck broken into over there and know of several other people who have experienced the same so I try to stay on the St Joe side.
  3. ended up going solo yesterday AM. I could not seem to find consistent pods of fish. Trolled from the pump station down to the A frames and halfway back again with 3 bites all in 26 fow. Tried the beach out to 40fow. Finally landed on a pod at 2pm in 19 fow and picked up my last 3 in 20 minutes. Firetiger thinfin and smelt F11 took all 6 hits.
  4. Fished Leland once before I had a contour chip. Sandblasted my rigger balls pretty good that day. Cant imagine how the guys fish up around the straights. Would have me puckered so bad I probably couldn't get off my seat to raise the riggers.
  5. I'd rather be out there Kevin but you would have to come out and tow me back in after I burned through my 6 gallon gas tank
  6. Yup Ed I was wondering if you were a forum member. mr this is the first year I've taken my smaller boat out on the big lake. With the way the temps have been going up and down I've been keeping the I/O under wraps. Trying to copy FBD
  7. 3-23 Midday Fished Port Sheldon from 10-3. Went 2-3. 3 and 4lb brown. Lost another that was probably 6 or 7. All bites came on top of or on the deep side of the second bar. Spent half of my time in the second trough and even a little right up on the beach without a bite. Temps were 35-36.5 1-2 on gold with red stripe 3.0 Mag Lip 1-1 F9 brown trout One other solo at the launch with 2 browns also Fun start to the year
  8. Went out Sunday morning and ended up 2 for 3 with 2 fat 8-10 lb steel. Tried from 60-190 fow from 8-11am. All 3 hits were in 130-135. White Paddle and white fly down 75 Dr Death standard 300 cu Hello darling standard 250 Cu Speed was 2.5 SOG We went into Muskegon Lake at 11 to try for perch. Had a pretty steady bite for an hour but mostly small 5-6 inchers. Bite shut down hard after a front blew through
  9. I thought Kings only ate alewives. How did you sneak those shad into it's belly???
  10. Amazing to see this picture and then be greeted with 3-5 foot breaking rollers at 7am this morning!
  11. I have to agree with FBD on this. We need to reduce the kings and reduce the lake trout. I agree that if we can get an equal predatory reduction in Lake Trout then we can hold off on the king cuts for one year but it has to be one or the other or both. We can't let predation continue at current levels and expect a legitimate future for the king fishery. I do sincerely appreciate the efforts put forth by the GLSI in reducing LT plants but you need to move from your king reduction stance
  12. The response from the MDNR is that if you took all of the hatcheries around Lake Mi and only reared baitfish you would be able to feed the current predator base for only 2 days.
  13. Yup kyped up ho's look cool as heck!
  14. Got out for a couple hours tonight and we were rewarded with the best king bite I've had all year. Set lines at 7PM and pulled them at 9:15. Bite started as soon as we got set and ended at 8:20. Lots of bait balls associated with the bottom. 4 hits came off fish working these balls. 3 for 6. 6lb, 13lb, 14lb kings landed. All males. All natural. 2 screamers came unbuttoned. 1 broken line. 70-80 fow just North of Duck Lake. Only took bites going against the current at 2.4-2.7 SOG 1-2 flounder pounder mag down 52 1-2 white with blue dot SD with transparent meat rig down 60, Blue dyed brine 1-1 BW Mag meat rig with a king belly strip no spinny on a slide diver out 110 0-1 White spinny green squid high diver out 90 0