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  1. Good job! Glad you got into them
  2. Muskegon 5-23 midday Went out from 11-2 trying to sneak a dry trip. Successful. Dropped down in 105 fow. Took 2 ho's before I could get the third line in the water. Both on a UV vibrator fly free slider on a rigger 60 down. This set up has been money all spring on ho's and has landed a couple kings also. Took another ho on a 7 color mixed veggie and a 2 yo king on the rigger 80 down with a mod blue dolphin. Then swing and a miss on the slide diver out 140 with a Jordo. All in the first hour. Spent 2 hours trying for number 5 with no luck. Lots of marks and bites the first hour and then the bottom just dropped out. Screen and bites went dead. Ran a little quicker than normal at 3.0 SOG most of the day. Numerous bait clouds in the channel but did not see any dimpling the surface in the full sunlight.
  3. Yup I would have had a hard time believing it if I hadn't landed it myself.
  4. Holland 5-21 AM Lines down at 730 and up at 1130. 9 for 18 mostly smaller fish with 1 9lb king. Worked 130-150 SW out of port. Nothing exciting or new to report. Rigger down 80 and 60. Free slider on the 60 down. Mostly bright spoons however the green dolphin std went 4 times on a slide diver out 160. 250 and 150 copper. Saw some incredible boxes of kings at the cleaning station. Highlight of the day was landing my first ever Atlantic.
  5. Congrats on a solid day! Thanks for the report!
  6. Need some help-Holland AM Taking a couple friends out tomorrow AM out of Holland who have only been on the lake one other time. Haven't been out in a week and a half and was hoping somebody got out today for some intel. I know there's a tourney out of SH so PM's would be great if desired but I know most regular guys on here don't normally fish the TT. Thanks!
  7. Did you use the 3.0 size? I tried running a 3.5 I aquired in a goody bag for 2 years with zero success and had written them off. Bought a 3.0 on a whim this fall and it was definitely my go to lure on the Kzoo this winter. Ran a 3.5 during the same trips/same color and again totally ignored. Caught a couple browns on it this spring too
  8. Sorry for your loss
  9. Been a great week out there for sure. Reminds me of the spring fishing 5-10 years ago. Has to be too good to last but it was fun to get a taste.
  10. Muskegon 5-13AM solo Great bite out of Muskegon this morning. Lines down at 7 and I was done by 8:45. 3 kings and 3 ho's(1 released) only 2 misses. Big King was 16lbs. 150-190 with 190 being the most active. Jawbreaker super slim, vibrator fly as a slider, Blue dophin SD and mirage fly, Standard superscrew all took hits. Rigger down 60 with free slider, Slide divers out 125, 150 copper. Direction did not matter. 2.4-2.6. Surface temps were 46-47 Little porn for Martin
  11. Yeah Kevin I was lucky I still had rain pants sitting in the truck from an earlier turkey hunt and Mr Six had an extra water resistant coat and still had his ice gear in his truck. I was in my Tshirt at 1:30 with light East wind and sunshine and at 6 we were bundled up in ice gear with a stiff North breeze in the rain.
  12. 5-10 GH AM Muskegon PM Launched at PS and made the run to GH mud .Lines down around 615. Took a double on dipseys while setting lines. Took 2 more in the first hour on the same dipseys. 1 with 11inch white paddle green fly other was mixed veggie SD with green fly. Following 3 hours we went 1 for 3 landing a medium size steel, losing another, and losing another king. All on short leads with standard orange spoons. Picked up and ran out to 215 halfway between PS and GH. Trolled into 160 going 5 for 10 on ho's all in the top 30 wth assorted standard or SS bright spoons. Pulled lines around 1:30. Met buddy in Muskegon at 5pm to try the PM mud bite. Got set up and went 2 for 3 on kings in the first 30 minutes. Soon as the rain started we never got another bite. Pulled lines at 9.
  13. St Joe 4-22 AM Fished the brown blast this morning. Started fishing the river plume at 6:30. Picked up 2 kings on a slide diver out 50 with a Gale force midnight special. Lost a chunky brown at the back of the boat on a red squiggle thinfin and picked up a ho on a gold and red thinfin. At 10am the seas had laid down just a bit so we decided to get a couple hours on the deep bite. 20 minute ride out and we were in 210. Went west out to 230 and then back East into 170. Only went 1 for 2 in 2 hours out there both hits on high lines with thinfins. Should have stayed in the mud as a friend lost 2 kings in there after we left. River water was 55 degrees and the edge was 49. Temp break was pretty pronounced with a solid color line. 3 out of 4 bites came working the edge. Out deep was 39-40