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  1. There seems to be some confusion on that because in inland waters and streams that is how the regs read. On Lake Mi you can keep up to 5 per person in any combo no more than 3 of any one species except king,coho,pink. You can keep 3 lake trout in MM6-8 which is basically Arcadia south to Indiana. 2 per person North of there. So yes you can keep 5 trout
  2. PS 7-25PM Took my son out for the first time since early June. Lines down at 5:30 up at 9:30. 4 for 8. 3 kings 17,15,4 lbs and a 5lb greaser. Lost a small steel on a free slider at the back of the boat and 3 hit and runs on a meat rig down 65-75. Crazy as the meat was gone or tore up each time so I know it wasn't false releases. 90-100fow is where we took all our hits. Free slider on a rigger 52 down 2-3 Blue paddle blue head meat rig down 65-75 0-3 Dipsey out 150 meat rig 1-1 Dipsey out 150 SD w/ squid 1-1 Great night with no flies and no fleas
  3. Port Sheldon Parking lot fee

    Yup there is room to park along side the road across from the launch. Used to be quite common when the launch was a lot busier years ago.
  4. Fleas

    That is exactly why I run 30lb big game. My riggers are almost always one of my more active setups so I don't think the larger line has any ill effects on bites.
  5. Nice job. My son and I did a quick mid afternoon trip. Kind of a low stress training trip for him getting to run the boat and all the lines. As we were leaving the dock around 930 a guy was coming in solo with 5 fish. Said he was in the 145 area. Motored out there and bumped around the different slicks marking a good amount of fish but no takers. Finally picked up a shaker on a jawbreaker free slider down 45. Around 1230 we took a nice 11lb king on a stinger Invite down 62 on a rigger in 125fow. Spoon has been my king killer this spring. While landing him we got the slider caught in the kicker prop so I called it a day. When we arrived at the launch in the AM I smelled that awful grease burning smell of smoked bearings. Lucky it had got us to the launch. Of course all my tools were at the house so after we pulled the boat I drove 40 min to Grandville trailer with the hub and they got it set back up in 5 minutes. Long day for 3 hours of fishing but the boy got some much needed practice and I was pretty happy with how much he had retained from past trips
  6. Measure it at it's longest point Bob. That's a moose of a steely!
  7. Muskegon 5-27 AM Cleared the pierheads at 6am to a flotilla of boats. Although it made fishing a little more difficult it was good to see all those people getting a chance at a perfect weather day and good silver fishing. We ran 3 miles North to find some open water and set down in 70. Slow start for us as we had a couple throw backs and three ho's in the box by 9am after worklng our way out to 125 and then back in. At 9 we were in 92 fow and started taking consistant bites on 4-8llb kings and good sized ho's in 90-95 fow 5 miles N. Boxed 11 more fish by noon and called it a day. Everything took bites today. Riggers down 60 and 80,free sliders, slide diver out 140, 250cu, 300cu, 7 color, 3 color. Most kings on the deep coppers and 7 color. Best spoons were all std or super slims Mixed veggie Modified green dolphin Coyote Meat rig took one fish and that was our only spinny bite. SOG was 2.5-2.8. Speed changes triggered a good number of bites. No direction better than the other. Highlight of the day was a 7lb ho weighed on a boga. Final tally was 14 for 19 not including 6 small king throwbacks and an undersized laker
  8. Nice job fellas. We stayed in close to start and were rewarded with a pretty hot bite right in the dirty water. We started at 6 and by 9 we had boated 7 fish and threw back 6 shakers and lost a couple including a nice mid teen king that thought he was a steelhead. Headed out to 120-150 after that and picked away at them for 7 more fish kept and 3 more released. 7 kings, 6 ho's and a steelie. Nothing over 8 lbs. Jordo and Jawbreaker were hot early in the mud. Jawbreaker shined out deep. All bites in top 50 feet.
  9. Holland 5-24 am

    Good job! Glad you got into them
  10. Muskegon 5-23 midday Went out from 11-2 trying to sneak a dry trip. Successful. Dropped down in 105 fow. Took 2 ho's before I could get the third line in the water. Both on a UV vibrator fly free slider on a rigger 60 down. This set up has been money all spring on ho's and has landed a couple kings also. Took another ho on a 7 color mixed veggie and a 2 yo king on the rigger 80 down with a mod blue dolphin. Then swing and a miss on the slide diver out 140 with a Jordo. All in the first hour. Spent 2 hours trying for number 5 with no luck. Lots of marks and bites the first hour and then the bottom just dropped out. Screen and bites went dead. Ran a little quicker than normal at 3.0 SOG most of the day. Numerous bait clouds in the channel but did not see any dimpling the surface in the full sunlight.
  11. Yup I would have had a hard time believing it if I hadn't landed it myself.
  12. Holland 5-21 AM Lines down at 730 and up at 1130. 9 for 18 mostly smaller fish with 1 9lb king. Worked 130-150 SW out of port. Nothing exciting or new to report. Rigger down 80 and 60. Free slider on the 60 down. Mostly bright spoons however the green dolphin std went 4 times on a slide diver out 160. 250 and 150 copper. Saw some incredible boxes of kings at the cleaning station. Highlight of the day was landing my first ever Atlantic.