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  1. zollerj

    GLF App

    Seems to work! Thanks guys! Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  2. zollerj

    GLF App

    Any update on this? I am still having trouble with the app on an iPhone 7
  3. zollerj

    GLF App

    Also having the same problem. Even tried reinstalling the app with no luck.
  4. Went 7/9 last night! Best trip of the year for me so far. Lots of steelhead right in front of the dunes. Divers, riggers, copper and lead. Oranges and greens. All on spoons but one lil king on a meat rig.
  5. Went 1/2 last night. Lost one on 200 copper with uv skinny jeans, and the king came 80 down in the rigger with moonshine uv blue jackle. Fished 80-125 fow with both hits in the 110 area on a south troll. We'll be back at it again tonight. This time I won't forget the meat...
  6. zollerj

    new house

    12th and Chicago drive, right down the street from you.
  7. zollerj

    new house

    Hmmm, just bought a new house in Jenison a few months ago... Had I read this sooner I woulda offered a hand... Maybe we can meet up sometime or fish this summer.
  8. zollerj

    Gear for sale

    Interested in the rigger. Where are you located?
  9. zollerj

    Great Lakes planer

    I have the same exact experience as j1musser
  10. zollerj

    Dypse diver?

    55's are too big in my opinion... For wire I would stick with the 30's and put 1000' of wire on them. I also want to point out, make sure they have linecounters...
  11. zollerj

    release tension

    Chamberlin's are great, but if you already have the Blacks, i wouldn't spend the extra money to upgrade, I feel the are very comparable once you get them dialed in where you want them...
  12. zollerj

    Speed vs Size

    Jim and Bill, I realize this might be a little off topic, but when trolling at those faster speeds, do you generally slow down to fight the fish or do you keep pace?
  13. zollerj

    whitehall fish cleaning stations

    There is a cleaning station on the north side, the Montague side of the lake. It is just west of the Weather-Vane Inn, right at the ramp that is right there. I don't know if it is free without using the ramp, and i believe the ramp fee is about $10 a day. It has been a few years since I have been there, hopefully someone else will chime in about a station on the south side of the lake.
  14. zollerj

    The one that got away, twice...Almost! (video)

    Try this link... http://bluecollaroutdoors.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/httpwww-yout/
  15. zollerj

    Cannon Speed-N-Temp

    That is exactly what I need! Thanks Steve, let me know if you can find it!