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  1. I have the iPhone 5. In the chequamegon national forest there are no towers that I am able to let a signal from. I am talking about being balls deep in thick brush and trees trying to kick up some grouse.
  2. My iPhone maps will not work without a signal or wifi connection. I checked the apple site to see if I need to change a setting and there it also related that you need a signal. I got nothing for coverage in the forest.
  3. Santa brought me a handheld GPS unit which I plan to use mainly when hunting the national forest. Got turned around this year while hunting and was lost for a little bit. iPhone gets no reception so I was kinda screwed. I have the Garmin Dakota 20 I see you can buy the Garmin Lake Vision chip for it. Anyone have this chip and is it work it?
  4. I have the Raymarine unit and love it, going on 3 years with no issues and I fish 3 times a week. My advice is to have a professional install it and buy the extended warranty. With the warranty through west marine if there ever is a problem someone comes to my boat to fix it. My unit was $1600, and $500 to install
  5. Couple of those fish look like they could break the board
  6. Fished the last few days and things haven't changed much. I've been in the 220-235 range due east if main gap. Keep things higher up in the column for rainbows which have been on fire, although you miss 2-3 for every one that you catch. 3 color, SWR down 20, and 5 color have been the best lines. Fishing all spoons, non glow pro kings in green and purple patterns. Couple kings and coho mixed in but mainly been catching rainbows. If you put the time in you'll get limits out there. Guys shallow haven't been doing that well and if anyone has found a honey hole that won't say anything until after SAR. Regardless good luck and after the next batch of north winds come in this week, we'll be scrambling to find fish again.
  7. Set up outside the south gap and went south. Running mainly all coho rigs and a few small orange spoons. Stopped just past the Laddish tower. Ended 6-8 with five coho and 1 brown. 2 and 4 color boards were the hot lines. I only ran green peanuts, the brownie came off a torpedo diver and moonshine agent orange spoon. Best depth was between 40-45FOW, should have stayed shallower because when I slid out deeper the action came to a halt. Depth Raider is non-operational so I can't speak to any temp breaks. One thing I did notice was bait. All five cohos were loaded with Alewives and big ones too! Good Luck gents. Salmon Assassin (Adam)
  8. Absolutely spot on about the delayed spring and how even the flowers are a little behind. 2011 was a really cold spring and come Mid May and June everyone around here was catching limit cohos on a regular basis.. Keep Calm and Fish On.
  9. I bought the sportpilot x5 and that was the best money I have spent on the boat. I would buy an auto pilot regardless even if it meant I could only run zebco 33's for rigs.
  10. Welcome to Club Sea Ray, I have a 1988 Sorrento. Great boats!
  11. Last year April 22nd was my first trip and I had a one man limit in about an hour on kings. The weather this spring has sucked so bad. Sea Grant is just now showing it's hitting 40• near shore. I have no problem adventuring out, but I was thinking of heading south and working the hills near Milwaukee's green chain and stay south to the balls in crudahy. I can't imagine there is much out deep in that ball shrinking cold water.
  12. Any word other than lake-link reports how the coho migration is going and where it's at. I am in Milwaukee and waiting for a reason to go fishing other than browns.
  13. I used to run them more, the novelty is wearing off for me. Beat results were packed with garlic roasted tuna is olive oil.. I ran them clean, lakers really like the black magic one but I am not much into lake trout. The factory hooks are garbage, buy the unrigger packs. Black Magic and Blue Dolphin or hiwaiian one is pretty good. Cruise Lake-Link lake Michigan Milwaukee fishing reports and check out Greybeard's posts. Aside from being an awesome fishermen and gentlemen he's on Brad's pro team and knows everything there is to know about cut plugs.
  14. I know from duck hunting the gun loves federal, specifically black cloud #2. I am going to start with federals for turkeys and work from there. Thanks. I may go with the red dot, figure I can toss that on a different gun in the off season.
  15. This my first year hunting. I am going to be on some private land with a buddy,with an experienced caller. I have the few questions. 1. Iron sights or red dot? I have a Mossberg 935 2. Will the mossberg accu choke xtra full be good enough or should I get something else. 3. Ammo. Any brands to avoid or to get. 3 or 3 1/2" shells got my camo, got my permit, May 1st - May 7th something is going to die.
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