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  1. Jeff, thanks for posting this hopefully all is well and I can fish it on my boat.
  2. Catchabunch or sherman I also need some..if the other guy dosent pan out shoot me a pm with any rods or reels you have.
  3. Helloooooo are you there

  4. You need to get ahold of me im not bs ing you I have proof I just need to hear from you

  5. hey hows he fishing going??? just wanted to say thanks for everything ur so nice

  6. turf... the humps do have fish but farther north in the rocky water is better i believe.. my biggest huron brown was about 10 yrs ago 16 pounds got it in 70 fow on the bottom with a jplug should have a good amount of browns this year.
  7. probably not fishing shallow enough even in the heat of the summer i have had a couple decent brown days 3-4 fish in the 30 to 40 range...
  8. ralph i would say mostly stell cohos with browns and kings from time to time it has been terrible for lake trout even though i dont target them best day this year silver wise was 12 for 20 with 6 kings! reste were coho
  9. lost a big high teens king behind the boat today 2 steelhead and two lakers lake was nice rough last nite only fishe 9 to 1230
  10. no its fresh water livewellon and off i think jim may be right it is pretty crowded under there... jim do youthink i could disconect jt behind the switch? it wont affect anything else will it?
  11. last week while on the boat my aerator randomly goes on and off i hit the switch to off yet it still goes on and off so i disconnected the battery till i get help:confused::confused: any suggestions appreciated
  12. good job.. some freinds did good today with some nice eyes mixed in hoping to make it out sunday.
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