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  1. when your in my neck of the woods, you are always welcome to fish with me.

  2. hi Milt! Things are good and busy here. Glad you had a good season! I was pretty much boatless all year and didn't get to fish nearly enough!

  3. Hi. I didn't know if we were going to fish this october with all the wind. Fishing was awefull for me in october. Season was a great. My son and I had a great year. How are you doing? Hope to see you this offseason. Take care, milt.

  4. Yes dave. I have the yar-craft. I put a few new toys on it you will like. I will be fishing in october. send me a pm when your up here.
  5. Thanks and welcome dave. When your back in manty look me up.
  6. A tool that is very important for me.
  7. Fishing has been very good this year. Anything with blue has been the ticket for us. I put a new e-tech on the boat, it's about a 50% fuel saveings.:)
  8. Last year I switched to the lure lugger. I really like it. The one I bought is from big papa sportfishing products.
  9. I could stop over to help sample. I don't live that far from you.
  10. That king was caught on 12lb. stren in my avatar. 180 feet down last fall over 240 feet of water. I got dan's books and try to charter with him yearly. I am a believer in his program.
  11. I have a X4 and love it. A valuable tool.
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