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  1. Thanks for your report Capt. Ron. Reel Therapy
  2. Thanks for the report. The 18-19 lbers will be giants in August. I can't wait!
  3. WTG Jarod. Thanks for the report. Reel Therapy
  4. Hey Matt, what time did you get on the water? Reel Therapy
  5. Great job! Thanks so much for the report. I hope to get out of Holland Monday or Tuesday and hope to do even 1/2 as good as you did.
  6. If you guys like this stuff go to fishoflage.com for hats, tshirts etc. I think they also have fishoflage film for your rear truck windows.
  7. Thanks for the report Patrick, sounds like a great morning to me. "Reel Therapy"
  8. Thanks for the report Bob. We'll be out there today and hope to do as well. Reel Therapy
  9. Congrats on a fishy day! Happy to hear you got a couple of Kings too.
  10. Best shakedown I recall. Went 9 for 13. We got on the water at 9:00. Fished 145-200 feet on a glassy flat lake. Most fish came in the 190s. All fish came in top 40 feet. All but 1 were cohos. Here's what worked: orange killer on 3 colors - got most of the fish. also watermelon, 135 copper with super glo melon, riggers with orange killer and green dolphin and one dipsey with green holo glow flasher and hypnotist back 57 on #2 setting.
  11. Thanks for the report and the reminder Dan. "Real Therapy"
  12. Thanks for the report. I recall my father's first salmon, so I know your dad was thrilled. Great picture.
  13. I will use it every time I fish and for a couple days before. I am thrilled to learn of the thermistor string and the information it will provide.
  14. Thank God it stalled Dennis. It could have been a LOT worse. Sounds like it worked out well for you. Thanks for the report.
  15. Thanks for the report Dan. It will just get better.
  16. Thanks for the report Jake. Catching that fish right away was an exciting start to what will be a great fishing season.
  17. Thanks for your report Jimmy. The catching will improve soon.
  18. Great job! We only caught 9 in 2 1/2 days fishing from Ecourse up to the warm water discharge. Mud island held fish in the mornings.
  19. DNR, like all officers, have discretion. They can listen to the individual and decide what, if anything, to charge. Making the decisions in Lansing to ticket Indiana charter captains takes out discretion from the process. Sorry to hear you got slammed. Hopefully a DNR officer/employee reads these posts and communicates it to superiors. Tight Lines
  20. Thank you for the report Wheels! We found that adding stinger hooks to our baits decreased our losses from hookset to the boat. I am headed to the Detroit River tomorrow. Hopefully the fish will cooperate.
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