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  1. FYI One minute of Latitude or Longitude is approximately one mile for purposes of fish finding. If you wanted to be more precise on the distance it gets a lot more complicated. I'm a Land Surveyor / Engineer . . . .trust me you don't want to go there.
  2. Check out the reel calculator excel spreadsheet. You should be able to figure out what will work and what will not. Some rocket scientist developed the math that makes it work. It's really slick:thumb:
  3. I'll be in Olcott tomorrow afternoon through Monday. Anyone want to give me a call I'll let you know what I have going. Planning on starting in about 40 fow and heading out in the AM. Probably start in 120 Friday evening and slowly work in. Top 50 of water is the plan at the moment. I'll have something deep to keep them honest. Spoon bite from what I have heard but I'll be draggin meat too. Arbogaster on 68 Eric 812-584-4271 Good Luck
  4. I'll have to try loading the top 40' of the water column in the morning. I usually start out with a pair of dipseys and a pair of riggers first thing and then start breaking out the short cores. I'm planning on running 4 dipseys this year so I'll run a pair really high to start out. I'm not sure that is the problem but I'll try anything once.
  5. I fish LK MI and LK Ontario. Is it just me or is there virtually no dusk or late bite on LK O? I have rarely caught fish first thing in the am or near dusk in this lake. Granted I fish in May so that might have something to do with it. I also noticed that virtually nobody fishes very late or gets out crazy early. We seem to have our best luck from about 8 am on. We typically shut it down about 1 PM and go back out about 4PM. Am i wasting my time fishing the evening or is my LK O evening program that bad ? ? ? ?
  6. Hey guys. I just booked a trip with my whole family for Pentwater the last week in June. Its a fun trip not a fishing trip but I'm taking the boat. I usually don't get up that way until mid July at the earliest. What can I expect if anything up there at that time of year. It seems like that would be pretty early but maybe we target steelhead or browns or something else instead? Can I expect to run out to 180 or so and put out the normal spread and pick up a few fish per trip?
  7. U beat me to it. Man I don't know who put that spreadsheet together. Guy must have been a rocket scientist or something. LOL
  8. After my buddy dropped another $50 torpeedo weight in the water last trip I decided I am done with the high priced weights. I built a mold following in the footsteps of some other major tackle manufacturer, but modifying their design to make it easier to produce. I used plywood for the structure of the mold and ductwork metal for the face of the mold. The only modification I am going to make to the mold after casting my first weight is to backfille the other side of the mold with mortar in order to fill the one pinhole in my metal work. It took me about 2 hours to build the mold but I was designg on the fly too. Not too difficult . . . .
  9. an I/O will be far cheaper to maintain, and if you have a buddy who can work on a car engine they can help you with the engine side of your propulsion system. The old 3.0 and 2.5 (120, 140) engines were great little motors. I would think you would be better off with that but I have mostly owned I/O's. My first big lake boat was a Lund Alaskan with a 40 HP honda outboard. That thing hardly burned any gas.
  10. Spread is as follows: Rigger down 25 w/ MAG Moonshine Mongolian beef Rigger down 15 with glow spinny and glow fly Dipsy out 75 on 1 setting with spinny fly on the spoon rigger side of the boat Dipsy out 100 on 1 setting with glow plug on the 2 color on a board maybe 20 yds off to the side with a glow plug with a 2 color with a spoon 20 yds off to the side with a standard glow spoon I typically run 2.2 at the ball or close to it. I guess I am always afraid to start in too shallow of water. If the temp break is out at 75 feet is the concensus to start trolling in 40 fow and work out deeper as the morning progresses or is that too much.
  11. OK Just got back from Ludington last night and we did OK. We caught 11 fish and lost 4 or 5 in about 2 1/2 days of fishing. This trip again reinforced that my pre dawn program is in dire need of some help. My Go To train of thought is to find where the thermocline or "49 degree water and below" hits the bottom and set up a little shallower than that. Work that area for a short time and then angle out deeper a bit. I typically run 2 riggers and two divers and maybe start one board off to the side with a 2 color lead looking for really high fish. Once it starts getting light I start moving things deeper and fish closer to the temp break. I can consistently hang with most local guys after the morning flurry but I'll be washing baits for a couple hours while they box a few early fish. Anyone have any insight or see any major flaw in my approach. I'm stumped . . . . . THX Eric aka Arbogaster
  12. I've got a rather eclectic taste in music and was curious what everyone else is listening to. We were in Olcott NY earlier this year and I think we caught several fish while playing "Black Magic Woman" by Santana. I'll listen to everythin grom classic rock and country to Amish Death metal (inside joke there) lets get a good long post here on what songs you like while trolling. Feel free to copy paste and add a few songs if you can think of them. Add the artist to the end in case it's not obvious to everyone. 1. Black Magic Woman, Santana
  13. Working on something beneath the floor in the cuddy of my boat and noticed the drain from the bulkhead in the cutty to the rear of the boat drained rather slow. I attempted to push the blockage through using a metal rod and now it is totally plugged. I am wondering what to do now since any water that fins its way into this compartment will be trapped unless I clear the blockage. My two options at the moment are 1. 120 PSI from the air compressor and try to blow it out 2. Long flexible drill bit from LOWES and work it down the hole slowly Thoughts?
  14. I've been watching the Salmon showdown on Vimeo which follows a few tournament boats in the 333 and other tournaments. I am noticing that the vast majority of the fish caught on that show are on Flasher and fly, flasher and 3 fly meat rig, or big paddle and fly. Only one or two on plugs and one or two on spoons. In a typical spread of 9 rods or more I only usually have 25% or less with a flasher and fly. Apparently I am missing out. Anyone else have thoughts on this.
  15. Looking at a high end cooler in the 80 qt range plus or minus. I've got a trophy boat and I want to use the cooler as a seat on the passenger side. Everyone talks about Yeti but I think it is because they are the heaviest advertised and also why they are also the most expensive. Anyone have an opinion of some of the other brands? Right now I like the pelican and the Brute just because they are cheaper and offer similar features and are AMERICAN MADE!
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