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  1. Really old thread, but I’m looking for a pair. Let me know if you still have them.
  2. Just getting back into it after taking a little time away.
  3. Took a mid day trip out of Soha. Trolled 50-90 fow. Picked up a few lakers and a nice king in 50 fow. SOG was 2.3. Ended up going 9 for 10 with a small throw back coho. Moonshine half moons and RV were the ticket on divers and riggers. Long lines were pretty much dormant. Sorry for the bloody fish photo. I should have washed them off before taking a picture.
  4. I have 2 triple horizontal rod trees from Traxstech/Pursuit. Selling because I bought the vertical tree style and no longer need these. Both trees slide into Cannon, Bert’s, Traxstech, Cisco track systems. The track is 18 in long and tree riser is approximately 5 in. The trees are in great cosmetic and functioning condition. $500 for both. These retail for close to $700 plus tax.
  5. Thanks for doing the recon work Bob. I am planning on taking my boat out for it’s maiden voyage this Sunday, but was unsure of where to launch. This information helps.
  6. Decided to sell my boat this year. Does anyone need a crew member? I will gladly pitch in for gas.
  7. Nice job Bob. How were Orville's arms after reeling in those pigs?
  8. Darrin, All the advice given so far has been great. The best advice I can give you is to go on other people's boats. I've used this as both a learning experience and to network with other fisherman. It helps to be able to pick up your phone and call others when you are struggling. Just be willing to share information when asked.
  9. It was nice meeting you Mike. My friend from Chicago was adamant about weighing the fish, thank goodness Terry had a scale.
  10. Good point Clyde. I almost always forget to save the heads while cleaning until Jeff mentioned he saves the heads for a friend that uses them to make fish stock.
  11. 22lb female caught in 100 FOW on a downrigger 90 down using a white flasher with pearl tape and artic blast fly. 28.5 male caught in 85 FOW on 200 copper using a yellow ladder back Lyman plug. The 22 pounder caught on Saturday was my personal best until today . Thanks to Jeff on Veni Vidi Fishi for helping me break a day old record with a 28.5 pound hog!
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