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  1. I am always willing to donate to a worthy cause, and this one is definitely worthy. I have to wonder however why it costs 25,000 for that buoy to float in the lake for one summer.
  2. Thanks for the report. I am surprised that those fish weren't hungry.
  3. WTG with your catch this year Jim. My catch was up this year both in number and weight. My total so far is 76 with none hitting 20 lbs but like yours many in the 13-18 class. Last year I got my last fish in Nov. I am waiting to put the boat up hoping for one last trip.
  4. Thanks for the report Bob. Sounds like it was slow last night. Boat Name: Real Therapy
  5. Could the direction of the current be one of the dynamics in play here? I am thinking of getting some copper in the next year.
  6. Thanks for the report. And the story of the perch!!!! Each day on the lake has its surprises.
  7. Like Jason, I started bleeding my salmon this year. What a difference! I keep a short fillet knife by the cooler and do one slice across each gill.
  8. It depends on where you will be fishing. The combat fishing near the pierheads brings out many inexperienced drivers and even some disrespectful ones. Lead core can make tight spaces even more difficult to negotiate. Answer is that it all depends on how many more boats are in the same water. If you don't have dipsy rods this would be a good time to add a couple to your spread. For the lure question keep reading the most recent posts on GLF.
  9. CAC

    Salmon Spread

    Hey Mike, This recipe works great with smoked salmon. Buy the Carrs crackers and put this spread on them. MMMM. The crackers to get are in the red box. They seem pricey, but they are tasty with smoked salmon spread.
  10. I was also at the Holland cleaning station Sat. A young man received a ticket for fishing without a license on his dad's boat. We were also dogged by a white boat with an outboard for awhile. I wondered if it was DNR. It even followed us when we turned from North to South. We thought they might be perch fisherman bit we never saw a fishing rod onboard. They eventually tailed off. All that to say that it pays to be legal.
  11. Thanks for the update Matt. 19 fish and avoiding the combat zone - Good work!
  12. Thanks for the report Jonathan. Great job on the fish. I must admit that I have never caught a fish on the blue machine. Maybe I'll try it next time I'm out.
  13. I check almost all of my fish and recently most have had fat alewives in them. I have had a couple full of flies including one KING! I have never seen that before. All in all the fish seem healthy. I suspect that DNR will reduce plants until the catch drops off in three years proving that we need more plants. Just my 2 cents.
  14. WTG! I can't think of a better way to spend time off away from work! I agree with Jim, that is a seriously heavy cooler.
  15. Despite the amalgam of boats trolling in front of the pier I went out to 85- 250 where I had success on Monday. We set lines at sunrise. The first fish came before the 5th line was out. We ended up 11 for 13 with 7 steelhead, 3 kings and 1 lake trout. One of the kings was 14.3. At one time we had a triple on and netted all three. The WNW troll best. SOG 2.5-3. Here’s what worked: Orange Killer on 2 and 5 colors got 3 or 4 fish from 186-240 Double orange crush on 3 and 5 colors got 3 fish from 210-250 Wonderbread free slider got 2 in 110 and 180 Area 51 on rigger down 25 in 150 got 1 Blue dolphin free slider in 203 got 1 Only 1 fish on a braid dipsey today on blue holo prochip flasher and blue bubble fly. "Reel Therapy" 2012 totals 18 walleyes 31 Kings 5 Lake Trout 10 Cohos 25 Steelhead
  16. Thanks for the report on your successful shakedown cruise. I hope your future trips this year are as successful. "Reel Therapy"
  17. Thanks for the report and the story of your journey. Salmon fishing seems to produce unexpected challenges often. I am glad you were able to cope successfully with yours. "Reel Therapy"
  18. Grrreat job Terry. And I third Phil, really appreciate the report with pictures.
  19. Thanks for the report Nick. I love the image of you chasing that king around the boat.
  20. Ditto Fish4em! Great report, and thanks for the pictures. I will get a couple double troubles. On the destruction side I replaced two bent hooks yesterday and have 2 more yet to replace today.
  21. WTG John. Thanks for adding direction of troll in your report.
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