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  1. Great catch! and thanks for the report. Hope to get out early on Monday.
  2. Well done, and thanks for the update. CAC Reel Therapy
  3. Thanks for the post! Going out tonight. Clyde Reel Therapy
  4. I agree. Its too bad, this was a great site. I suspect the stats will show a dramatic reduction in usage.
  5. I agree that the person with the DWI must not drive his own vehicle. They run the plate before you get to the window. As a previous drug and alcohol counselor I can tell you they can and will pull the one guy with the DWI out of the car and let the others through. Not the way I would want to start a vacation.
  6. Great report Ryan. Sounds like a great day on the water with friends. When the fish are biting, the flies bites aren't quite as irritating. "Reel Therapy"
  7. I agree with Chris that either the improved clinch or palomar are best. I can tie the improved clinch much faster so use it more frequently on the boat, but I use the palomar tying flies and leaders up at home. Reel Therapy
  8. WTG! Great report. Call me on the radio later this week and this coming weekend. I am happy to give you intel. "Reel Therapy"
  9. WTG Dave. You gave your family a great time and it doesn't get any better than that. "Reel Therapy"
  10. Great job! I went out of Holland on the 30th and got the rare SKUNK in the box. Thanks for the report. "Reel Therapy"
  11. Thanks for your report Tim. Sounds like you had a great night of fishing! "Reel Therapy"
  12. Thanks for the report. Yeah the fleas hit us Friday on anything deep.
  13. Thanks for the report Justin. I have been frustrated too often this summer with the same thing. I have been consistently marking a lot of fish, but catching them much less consistently that I expect to.
  14. Thanks for the great report TJ. Glad you had fishing success with your guests aboard. Reel Therapy
  15. That lure pattern has been a catching machine for me on a couple trips this summer. The stinger hawg wild caught almost all of the fish on one trip.
  16. Congrats on the fish Tung. That head should make your Dad a good pot of soup. Reel Therapy
  17. Congrats on getting the copper. It can really help you. Aside from this website one of the most helpful things for me was reading Dan Keating's first book "Keating on Kings." My advice if you get it is - don't run out and buy all the lures he recommends. Instead, get familiar with them and then gradually buy the ones that you read on this site that are more consistently working in your area.
  18. Dirty Dog does it again!! Thanks for the pics. They are an inspiration.
  19. Nice job on the mold. Should save you a little money too.
  20. WTG Vyju. What color is your Lund? Mine is blue, I'll look for you when I'm out. Reel Therapy
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