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  1. Looking for custom cover

    I wish I could remember. It was a few years ago. I had two previous places lined up to do the work. One never could get it in - kept putting me off and the other said he could do it then backed out because he felt it was beyond what he could do, so I know I would get the price confused. I want to say $1,200. Get a quote if your interested. Seems like I dropped it off and he wanted it for a week.
  2. Looking for custom cover

    Roots Canvas in Plainwell here is a photo of the cover they made for my 21 ft Trophy WA. It fit perfect. High quality custom cover. Get the Sunbrella material
  3. South Haven 7 6

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  4. Fished out of turtle creek on Friday from the B can to Niagara Reef. Mostly ran deep diving thundersticks in various colors 10 to 20 ft down - all caught fish. However, a newly purchased bandit (copper clown) and chartreuse/purple thunderstick out fished all others. Caught more sheepshead than you would like, but not too bad, just a couple of white bass and 7 nice walleye - very few undersized walleye. Fished west out of Catawba State Park on Saturday to the G can using more newly purchased bandits. Purple nipple and a pink/perch color were best. Caught a bunch of walleye, too many to keep count of and the usual assortment of farm animals (Sheep). Quite a few undersized toss backs and at least one good sized fish. Kept another seven. Decided the better part of valor was to get out of the wind on Sunday, so we spent two hours fishing in close east of Catawba Island. Same bandit program as Saturday. Kept three. All in all, not a bad trip for old salmon fishermen from West Michigan in relatively unfamiliar waters. Had around 2 1/2 gal zip lock bags full of fillets. Even had a chance to run out to Put in Bay for a burger and beer. Here are a few photos.
  5. Thanks. Good luck. Hope to be out there next weekend.
  6. No Martin, we were on the water about 6:30. I hear you on the laker program. This is the first year I have ever intentionally targeted lake trout. I picked up a 1/2 dozen dodger/spin & glow setups at the swap meet in south haven this spring. They seem to work.
  7. Fished south haven this morning and caught the last two kings in the lake. 1/2 dozen lakers to boot. Went 10-14. Had to toss the last laker back along with a small coho. Fished north of pier. 60-90 ft of water. North-northwest troll was best. Pink alewife spoon on 200 cu took the big King, green uv spin doctor/meat rig on 150 cu took the other. One laker came on DR/SWR with uv blue dolphin, but most hit on a pearl uv dodger/matching spin & glow. DRs were up and down to keep within 5 - 10 ft of the bottom. Had a hard time keeping a small jäger bomb spoon on on a full core in the water.
  8. Great day to be back on the water. Was going to fish the St Joe river, but it was so calm on the big lake we decided to take he little boat out. Went 4-6, 3 Coho and a Brown Trout. Took two missed fish to shake the rust off. 15' - 25' south of pier early, then running the mud line out front later. Hot color was anything gold. Wiggle wart took two and the two missed fish. Deep diving and shallow diving thunder stick took one each.
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  11. Thanks for the report. I have not been out since July and looking to get out Monday. Glad the hear there are some nice silver fish around. Great job getting them all in solo.
  12. Back home in West Michigan from four days of Lake Erie walleye fishing off of Ashtabula with old fishing buddy, Bill Schmiege. We learned a lot about Central Basin fishing. It has more in common with Lake Michigan salmon fishing than the Western Basin walleye fishing I'm familiar with. Still wound up with 10 quarts of walleye filets and a couple quarts of steelhead. I sure was impressed with the size of the fish over there. Here are a couple of photos.
  13. St Joe 6/28

    Thanks for the report. Good luck over on Erie. I grew up fishing that area and usually get over there at least once a year. I launch out of Fenwick Marina. I will be over on Erie the week of the 20th fishing in the central basin out of Geneva on the Lake. Let us know how you do. Not too many posts in the walleye fishing section here. It would be nice to see a few.