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  1. Not sure. The fish cleaning station was a zoo. Folks waiting in line, so I was focused on getting it done. People do say the ones they are getting have full bellies.
  2. Fished this morning until about 1:30 with Dan Agnello and Denny Laskowsky. Went 11 for 18. 7 nice kings, 3 coho and a laker. Took fish from 100' to 135'. Spent most of our time going in and out of 120'-130' slightly NW of pier. Moonshine RV Flounder Pounder on a SWR set up on two DR's running 65' and 75' down, white/green spin doctor meat rig combo on a dipsey diver set on #3 back 175 and full core with a standard Warrior Elite UV "Whammy" spoon took most of the fish.
  3. Great job. Thanks for the report. Heading out in the am. What water depth were you finding them in. North, south or straight out of the pier? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the report. Hope to get out a couple of times this week.
  5. Went 7-8 In South Haven today. 19 and 9.5 lb kings, balance lakers. Fished from 7:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Worked in 45 to 70 feet of water primarily around the South Haven Buoy with 65 feet the best water depth. SOG around 3.0 +/- and around 2.1 +/- at the ball. Slow start to the day. Nothing in the first two hours. Had the water colum covered with our nine rods and a mix of colors and sizes of spoons, a Mag Lip and a couple dodger/spin and glows. Tin can dodger modified with some green prizim tape and a green/chrome spin and glow on a SWR running 5-10 off the bottom all day took two and the missed fish. Pulled dipseys and replaced them with 200 cu and small pink alewife colored spoons that took three fish. Put down more small pink alewife looking spoons. Full core took another fish and the big king hit a 1/2 core.
  6. Sea Eagle

    SoHa 5/5

    Great day on the water. Thanks for having me onboard.
  7. Thanks for the report
  8. Thanks for the report. We worked that 20’ - 30’ down and back to the power plant a couple of times with zero success. Marked a lot or fish in that 25’ - 27’ of water, but no takers. Saw the boats out deeper figuring they were targeting Lakers. Wondering if the coho are not in SoHo yet or gone.
  9. Can't be another guy that goofy. Must have been me. Was he in a boat that looked like this?
  10. Forgot to mention the DNR was putting the docks in at Benton Harbor launch yesterday.
  11. We went 7-8, in St. Joe yesterday, but had to pull lines early because someone (me) forgot to gas up the boat when he put it away last fall. I always gas up the boat before I put it in storage, so I checked everything but the gas in the boat as I was getting it ready for the first trip of the year. Trolled south from the pier heads. Steady action between 18-30 ft of water. Started out with a mix of small spoons, dodgers and peanut fly, jointed crank baits and a wiggle wart, but went to 3.5 mag lips after it went twice. Metallic gold flame was the hot lure with copper/black bill and flouresent orange/black spots also taking fish.
  12. Sea Eagle

    SoHa 3/28

    Thanks for having me onboard today Dan. Had a great time.
  13. Sea Eagle

    Looking for custom cover

    I wish I could remember. It was a few years ago. I had two previous places lined up to do the work. One never could get it in - kept putting me off and the other said he could do it then backed out because he felt it was beyond what he could do, so I know I would get the price confused. I want to say $1,200. Get a quote if your interested. Seems like I dropped it off and he wanted it for a week.