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  1. Nice King and nice seeing you out there and thanks for sharing info.
  2. Thanks for the report. Hopefully we will still see some fish come in down here yet this fall. Otherwise it might be time to start thinking about river steelhead.
  3. 2.7 SOG is not usually too fast if you are trolling for most salmon lures. Speed is all about the action of your lure when you are trolling. Diffretent lures run better at different speeds. The best way to learn is to watch the action of your lure when you put it in the water and note the speed. Sometimes less speed is better other times more speed is the ticket depending on conditions. Once you start dialing in your speeds you can play around with bumping your speed up and down until you start getting bit.
  4. Good plan. Time to head north for salmon or east for walleye. It sure was fun while it lasted.
  5. I always tell the young guys just getting into it to always pay for your fishing tackle in cash. Checks, credit and debit cards let your wife know how much you really spend. My greatest fear is that when I die, my wife will sell off my fishing gear for what I told her I paid for it.
  6. Thanks for the info. Want to fish Frankfort yet this year. I'll make sure to stop in there. I would almost exclude Jays from my big box store classification. I agree they are Michigan based and do have a great selection of tackle for what we fish for in Michigan. Franks Great Outdoors is another Michigan based larger store like Jays.
  7. Make sure you support your local bait and tackle stores. I was thinking about my recent trip from SW Michigan over to Lake Erie for walleye fishing. I called the Fishermans Wharf in Port Clinton and they told me where the fish were and what they were biting on. Got our three man limit. Try getting that kind of info at one of the big box stores. These are certainly not the only ones out there, just a few I've used. Stop by to see them if you are traveling in their area to get the local fishing report. D&R Sports - Kalamazoo Mi Tackle Haven - Benton Harbor/St Joe Mi Outdoorsman Pro Shop - Jennison Mi Armstrongs Bait and Sport Shop - Whitehall Mi The Timbers Resort - Lake Gogebic/Bergland Mi Pits Place Bait and Tackle - Chapleau Ontario Happy Hooker Outdoors - Oak Harbor Oh The Fishermans Wharf - Port Clinton Oh Hi-Way Bait and Tackle- Marblehead Oh Tex's Tackle and Bait - Wilmington NC
  8. Hit the Ohio waters of Lake Erie Erie on Friday 6/8 with my two brothers-in-laws. We ended up 19-21 on the walleye (tossed one U/S fish back) 6 sheepshead, 3-4 white bass and a really nice catfish. It was most definitely a spoon bite. Bigger baits like the hot bandits and thunder sticks we have used on other trips did not get bit. Ran the same rod and reels and some of the same lures we used for spring Coho fishing in southern Lake Michigan this year with a spread of 2 & 3 color leadcore and 3.5 Mag Lips on mono as our deepest lines running down to 20'. Copper backed UV Jager Bomb walleye size spoon was hottest, standard size UV Whammy salmon spoon took its share, blueberry muffin colored walleye spoons took a couple and a gold/orange/white belly mag Lip was also hot. Made 2 1/2 downwind passes running SW from the NW corner of Kelly's Island down towards the NW corner of Catawba Island. Picked up and motored back to Kelly's island after each of our runs. Speed was 2-2.5 mph on the GPS, occasionally pushing 2.75. Here are the hot lures. The UV spoons have copper backs and the blueberry muffin spoon has a chartreuse back.
  9. Lake Trout fest this morning in South Haven We wound up going 7-10. 6 lakers and Coho. We tossed one small laker back. Fished between 114-147 with 125 best depth. Ran NW & SE trolls. Everything took fish, DR/SWR (Down 70 & 80), 200 & 300 Cu and full core. Same spoons we've been catching kings on the last few weeks. RV Flounder Pounder, UV Whammy (standard & mag) and my modified green taped dodger and spin and glow. A big king took one of my new flounder pounders. It jumped several time and was gone. I believe it got the line in its mouth as it was twisting and turning out of the water since the remaining leader was severely chewed up. Luckily I purchased 3.
  10. The reason I purchased my Crestliner is because my fishing buddy had a boat identical to yours. We fished the devil out of that boat for 15 years. It is a great multi species platform.
  11. Great minds must think alike ? My old boat was a Trophy and my new boat is a Crestliner. Loved them both.
  12. King fishing remains good. Went 8-11 this morning in South Haven. 6 Kings and two Coho. Fished the same area all morning. NW troll out and SW back in slightly north of pier in 100' - 120' of water. Rinse and repeat. 110' was the best. Full core and 200 cu with the same warrior "whammy" UV standard spoon remains hot for the second week in a row taking four fish between them. Tin can dodger modified with green prizim tape and chrome and green spin and glow took one and lost one on a SWR DR down 70'. UV mag NBK spoon took a 18.7 king on 300 cu and same spoon on 200cu took another. Moonshine RV flounder pounder on a SWR DR down 60' took one. Lost both of my RV flounder pounders, one broke off on the DR and the other on 300 cu. Dipseys divers (#3 - 175 back) running either meat rigs or spoons did nothing.
  13. Thanks for the report. Going to hit SoHo it tomorrow.
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