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  1. Thanks for the replys ,after 6 tries finally suceeded in blood knot sucess. Going to do a comparison catch rate between the rigger set up with flouro leader and the other with straight 25lbs bigame solar, switched both leaders on two copper set ups as well to 25lbs seguar floro
  2. flourocarbon leaders Just wondering if any body has had made up any flourocarbon leaders for their down rigger rods? If yes what kind of knot did you use ? or do you use small swivel to make the transistion? I currently am using 25 lb big game "solar color" and wanting to be a bit more stealthy but dont want to pony up all the cash and spool all my reels with flouro thanks Boomer
  3. How is the channel to lake michigan through mona lake and do kings go into it in any numbers in the fall? Sent from my SM-J320V using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  4. I havent ever fished a tournament before so tell me what you would expect me to do and cover cost wise. I am planning on camping in holland that weekend anways and was planning to give it ago a with my deep v if the weather permits. My father(who loves me to take him fishing) will be camping with me as well but I usually do all the line sets when I take him and he drives and yes i run dipseys, downriggers and copper its been just harder to get out this year so I have no score card for 2016
  5. I have a question regarding a 12" paddle is it supposed to sway back and forth in the water or spin? I can't deteremine a front or back either I believe it is a dream weaver branded paddle. I was trying to run a meat rig behind it if that makes any difference.
  6. I am wondering if the leaders you are talking about are to your spin doctors or whatever spinnie you choose I am hestitant to use 20lbs flouro and loose 20 bucks worth of gear does floro increase your catch rates that significantlly?
  7. 1st night run of the year fished 7:30 - 9:30 ended up with 4 kings with two being 17lbs one 14 and a good eater 125 feet of water was the magic # for us on a east/ west troll spin doctor mtn dew with green fly on a wire mag dipsy 180 back took the two hogs great night to be out . question how close does the wire run to the chart given with the mag dipsy for depth ?
  8. My father in- law is looking for a outboard repair guy that doesn't charge "van's prices" for a 1993 ish 60 evinrude any thoughts, plenty of time to work on it only uses it once a year (overheating problem)
  9. 3 for 3 145 to 130 fow east troll worked best blue dophin glow mag took two absoulutly beautiful night to fish, those are the nights to think about in february, smooth as glass bright moon over water landing 16 pounder by spotlight
  10. 1st trip out of holland for the year resulted in one steelie fished 7:30 till 10pm 120 to100fow north of spyglass condos no other hits 1 for 1 on 280'copper sarge moonshine spoon. not much happening at fish cleaning station at 10:45 boomer
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