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  1. Great report Mike, and great fishing. Are you happy with your new boat?
  2. Each manufacturer's spoons hold charges a bit differently. I took mine in the house and charged them several different ways and waited to see how long they would stay charged. I did not have an LED light at the time. You will find the LEDs give them a very quick and efficient charge. Moonshine spoons and Stinger Nitros hold a charge a looong time.
  3. Thanks for the report Tim, looks like you had a great day on the lake.
  4. Good report Charlie. Having recently lost 150 yards of braid to a good fish I can feel your pain.
  5. Thanks for the report, but even more for the precious pictures Ryan.
  6. Left the Grand Haven Dock with a rider at 3:30. We went 3 for 4. Set lines in 130 FOW. The first big king came in 230 on a braid dipsey 188 back with a green flasher and a hypnotist. I read a post earlier this week saying a fish was caught on a 5 color, so I put two five colors out. I was surprised that the next King, a 14.6 pounder, came on the five color in 225 on a glow bloody nose. We also got a lake trout 100 down in 235. It was released. Then the fun began with dipseys into everything. We lost a good fish in the process of clearing the lines. Ended up 4 for 5 with one shaker. It is always Fun to see a buddy's eyes light up with a big fish on.
  7. Thanks for the report. Nice catch w.ith the 16+
  8. Great question, I hope you get some more answers. I always wonder what storms do to the fish, if anything, too.
  9. No kidding! At that price if it is sound and seaworthy I may be interested.
  10. Thanks so much for this scary post. I will improve my education to all riders in my small boat regarding location of safety equipment, use of radio, and flares.
  11. Great job and thanks for the report. It is nice to know that the fish are beginning to move a bit more shallow. They were out in 200+ a week ago Saturday.
  12. Thanks for the report. Rough water but good fishing, sound like a good time to me.
  13. Thanks for the report. It's great when the fishing is that fast.
  14. Congrats Mike! The site has helped all participants and it has engendered deep friendships too. I know that I have caught many more fish because of it and who can beat that?
  15. Thanks for the report. Marking the fish and not catching any is the most frustrating thing. Did you troll in just one direction?
  16. Hi Chaz - I too am anxious to get out of Muskegon. I keep telling myself it is still early. Call for "Reel Therapy" on the radio. If I am on the water I will give you all the help I can.
  17. Good job! And thanks for the report with pictures of the spoons.
  18. Thanks for the report Jeff. Just think, the fishing will only get better!
  19. Welcome aboard Todd. You will discover this is a great site with lots of friendly fishermen willing to share what works for them. Ask good questions and you will get great answers.
  20. Thanks for the report! A buddy and I will be in the Detroit river sometime soon and have thought a lot about getting to lake Erie this summer. You make it sound easy!
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