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  1. I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,...I should have went,... PS,...... Nice Hat Home Boy !! -kid
  2. King Possible is Coho doable ! Great time as usual with my bros. Had a fillet tonight in the pan. Tasty !!! Thanks JD !
  3. Cappy JD is a Baaadd MoFo ! Thanks for another great trip brother !
  4. Brother JD and I did pretty well. 25+ pounders out of Holland, MI.
  5. Ya I saw those. Quite a bit more than he wants to spend(not saying they are not worth it). I do believe he will need to open up the wallet before all is said and done,.but we will see,..........
  6. Have a friend looking for 2 electric downriggers(used)and a Fishhawk(used). He will be a small boat rookie weekend warrior at best so not looking to spend a bunch of money. He knows this equipment is expensive even used but not looking to get crazy! Brand does not seem to be a big issue, but would like them to be complete(holders/swivel bases/etc.) He lives and works in Zeeland, MI. He builds engines/race engines at HIS machine shop! Maybe a trade??? Your big block need rebuilding??? Anyway,..we are just testing the waters here. We will see how serious he gets?? Give me a shout with any info. TX kelly [email protected]
  7. Thanks guys! I am going to cook/grill some more fish this weekend.
  8. *UPDATE* I had a nice piece of King from August. No skin, no grey, was vac sealed. I cut the lateral line out, rinsed it with cold water, pat dry. I put some brown sugar on it, a few shakes of soy sauce and rubbed it in(kinda turns into a paste). I only did one side because the other side was going to get most of the grill time and I didn't want the sugar to burn(I think I will try the paste on both sides next time however). I let it sit for about 45min, then onto the HOT grill. About 5 min on the one side, then about 3 min on the "paste" side. Had it with some seasoned grilled onions and BINGO!! This piece of fish was awesome! Yes, I am pretty geeked over the results. Hey we all spend a lot of time,effort and money chasing these critters and although it is a blast, I have lacked some results as far as cooking the stuff. The worm may have turned! Thanks again everybody!!
  9. *Update* A buddy of mine just smoked some King and used some tips/advise that I got from various people. 4 out of the 5 people said it was the best smoked fish they ever had! Now I don't know how much smoked fish these people have ever eatin',...but hey that's some good results!! Skin and grey layer OFF, lateral line cut out. 4 to 1 brown sugar/kosher salt dry brine. Smoked with apple chips, glazed with melted apricot jelly last 1/2 hour of the smoke. Oh and he had some apple juice in a pan for some extra moisture/flavor. Pretty basic really, but great results! Thanks for everybody's help and tips!! **Shout out to Cappy Willis at Fish On for his help also!! Fish On!!!!
  10. Good info thank you all! The fish was cleaned and rinsed what I would call good. Vacuum sealed and then frozen. The fish was caught this spring (don't remember the official date) but I do write it on every bag I freeze.
  11. Grey fatty layer between meat and skin(salmon) O.K. guys,..not that you didn't already know, but that grey material between the skin and meat on salmon and LT is NASTY! No matter how I prepare the fish it just turns out pretty nasty/fishy if I leave the skin on. I just tried a nice piece of Coho (skin on) and It was horrible. I wanted to try and get the skin crispy as I see vids and hear people say how good it is. Well,..things were going o.k. but when I flipped the fish the skin kinda got mangled up. O well,..I pulled it off and continued to grill. Looked good. smelled so-so. Tried a couple bites and YUCK! I have had this same result when smoking salmon with the skin on. So I guess I will be taking the skin and grey layer off from now on no matter how I prepare the fish! Butt,... I want some feedback from ya! What are your thoughts on this "grey" layer. Does anybody have a way to make it edible/good? Am I doing something wrong? Is it just a Great Lakes thing? Any feedback is much appreciated!!
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