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  1. I believe best case the same as last year but suspect worse in Michigan.
  2. All the more reason to just keep dumping them in the lake.
  3. I'm aware of their low temperature tolerance I have been catching kings for over 35 years in mid 40 degree water. The last 2 winters have seen the average core temperature of Lake Michigan at historically low levels and below average summer temperatures do not bode well for cold blood creates to grow in the lake. This lack of warmer water conditions has effected the whole ecosystem of the great lakes. The difference between the ocean and the great lakes for salmon is that the salmon can migrate thousands of mile to find mid 40 degree+ water if desired but our salmon are landlocked and can't migrate to warmer water if 33-39 degree water is the warmest in the lakes. Thus slower metabolism slower growth rate.
  4. Ed, you have to remember fish are cold blooded and we have had two extremely cold winters in a row which would cause the growth rate to suffer .
  5. Sent you a PM let me know if it went through.
  6. I will just say that we went through similar years in the 80's when we had BKD and the fishery bounced back. I think most people have gotten spoiled by the great years when even the clueless could catch a ton of fish.Now it is fishing not catching !
  7. We have started to very nice catches of kings between 12-22 pounds . when the water starts to set up many charters are taking between 8-15 kings per trip. The problem like last year is the wind never blows out of the same direction for more than a few days. I personally believe there are still decent numbers of kings to be caught but it very spot specific unlike years past where the fish were all over.
  8. Like several of my good friends who are charter captains say chartering is a great way to make a small fortune if you started with a large one!
  9. Boats that have been doing great are fishing 20 - 25 miles offshore.
  10. I think we all know that feeling.That's what happens we you make them catch so many fish,nice work.
  11. Most of the people in Ludington consider the 4 year Olds to mature fish not saying they aren't 3 yr olds. And yes I meant we had a bunch of young fish there in Oct.
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