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  1. Fished north of ps, found some bait and fish in 85 - 90 fow. I ended up 4/5 with two smaller kings released, a 11 and 19 lb kings. Diver back 130 with a blue and chrome spin doctor/ blue and green fly. Lemon berry spoon down 45. Most of fish that I marked were 40 - 60 down
  2. Fished solo today, went 4 / 4, all kings between 11 and 17 lbs. 85 -90 fow. NW and SE troll was best, sog was 2.4 - 2.6. Rigger down 35 and 200 copper both with a mag Silver streak Kato spoon.
  3. I was in Muskegon this morning, slow there also. Only saw one small fish caught out front.
  4. Wednesday was a bust for me ended up 0/2, I think I was near you guys in 170 fow when you pulled lines.
  5. Ended up 3/4 today, fished 60- 110 fow. 1/2 diver on 3, back 80 with double crush glow and a silver hypnotist fly, 19.4 lb king and lost a king in 85 fow. 1/1 rigger down 35 with a kato, 4 lb steelhead - 85 fow 1/1 8 color with a Jordo, 7 lb steelhead -110 fow
  6. Went south of PS ended up 3/3 all steelhead between 7 and 9 lbs. 135 , 165 and 170 fow on a 6 color w/ uv blue dolphin, 125 copper w/ uv mixed veggies, and a rigger down 40 w/ kato. Cleaned them at the Holland fish cleaning station, olny saw 1 king when I was there - caught in 110 fow
  7. Fished 80 -130 fow. Ended up 2/3 . The king weighed 28.00 lbs on the certified scale at fish on bait and tackle. 125 fow on a 250 copper with a uv mixed veggies. Also got a small laker in that same area, rigger 70 down Kato spoon.
  8. Went 2/3 , set up in 70 fow around 5 am. Took a 13 lb king before I had the second rod set, rigger down 65 w moonshine flounder pounder. Made another pass in the same area and lost a decent fish on a 300 copper w/ moonshine Mongolian beef. Also got a 8 lb steelhead later on the 300 w / uv mixed veggies in 135 fow. Didn't fish deeper than 140. Marked bait and some fish in 100 -110 fow, no takers. Lots of sea fleas!
  9. Fished solo, ended 9/10 (four released). Kept 5 kings ( biggest 17 lbs), put back 2 coho and 2 smaller kings. Had a triple to finish my limit. Best water was 95-115 fow, 30-50 down. All spoons wanted green. South troll was best 2.8 sog. Had one of the fish bend a spoon over! Fish were full of bait, one had 13 inside it. Thanks to jdh for the great report!
  10. Thanks for the report, had a great solo trip there this morning!
  11. Fished the morning south of Holland.Finished 10/13 with 5 kings (biggest 12lbs) and 5 coho. Best water was 95-115fow, 30-40 down -all spoons.
  12. Kato, this one has a few miles on it and a bunch of fish!
  13. Fished solo just south of Holland. Stiff east wind, steady rain and 39 degrees. Didn't get deeper than 65 fow. 3/3 in 63 fow, shaker, 11.5# king and a 16.8# king. Bigger fish came on a rigger down 35 w/ mag silver streak Kato and a 6 color w/ michigan stinger uv Dolphin.
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