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  1. Port Sheldon 4/19 & 4/20 coho's Fished solo both days, limits both days. Fish have been 165 to 170 fow also found some fish in 135 fow. Rigger down 90 w/ gold backed jawbreaker and a 250 copper w/ a red and black Brad's thin fish were best.
  2. Port Sheldon 4/18 Fished solo out of Port Sheldon, went 5 for 6 on coho's. Best water was 175 fow, best rod was a rigger down 90 with a gold backed jaw breaker - went 4 times.
  3. Michigan Stinger - paints held up pretty good on this one.
  4. Holland 4/11 am Fished out of Holland this Am, 170 to 210 with 210 being the best. 4 coho and a 12 lb king. Riggers down 75 and 55 w/ sliders 10 feet up from the ball also a 6 color went 2 times. Surface temps were 37 to 38 degrees, speed was 2.2 to 2.5 sog. Big fish came on the 75 rigger w/ a small dodger and fly also took fish on uv Helmut Yellow, monkey puke w/ copper back, and jaw breaker w/ gold back.
  5. Thanks for the info guys!
  6. Port Sheldon Buoy Has anyone heard any updates if this is going to be in service this year? Last year they had to raise funds to deploy it.
  7. Had a great day Mike, glad we could put Gabe on some fish.
  8. Great stuff! Thanks for the post.
  9. Ended up with a solo limit 5/6. 4 kings from 5 to 8 lbs, one steelhead that weighed 14.2 lbs. Most action was before 8 am and was in 60 -70 fow. rigger down 50, Moonshine RV flounder pounder rigger down 55, Moonshine RV Mongolian Beef 250 copper, wonderbread plug went 3 times 200 copper, uv mixed veegies went twice
  10. Fished mostly between Holland and PS. 65 - 70 fow was best, most action was before 8 am. Two solo trips. On 8/3 went 4/7 two lakers and two kings best fish was 18.9 lbs on a rigger down 45/ splatterback plug. 250 copper went 3 times with a Mag blue dolphin. On 8/4 went 5/7 three lakers and two kings (lost two other good fish). Kings were 19.2 lbs and 20.7 lbs., they came on the rigger and the splatterback plug down 50 and a silver streak kato on a rigger down 55. The two good fish I lost were on a wonder bread plug/ 200 copper and the kato on the rigger down 55.
  11. Great report!
  12. Nice job, fished the tournament with Special K. We fished Muskegon, found some fish in 120- 150 but couldn't find the big ones. Great charity and well run tournament.
  13. Ditto Dr. Hook. The kings have been very hard to find, normally fish between Holland and Grand Haven. I've put more hours on the water this year and only 3 kings to show for it.