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  1. Welcome aboard Jeff! In addition to posting your questions, search the site for info on downriggers, dipseys, lead core, copper, rods, reels, speed, boat and motor maintenance and anything else you can think of. So much to learn and so little time!
  2. Thanks for the report Jon. And if this was your first official charter Congrats are in order!
  3. Great trip and a great report Dave. Thanks for adding the sog speed too. If I get a fish with "piercings" I'll let you know.
  4. I am confused by your description. I have a Lund with a Lowrance 525 LCX DF. At trolling speed you should be marking consistently. I agree with Ryan, if you post a picture you will get some good help here.
  5. I get a lot of my stuff there too. They have it when I need it. I like putting my money back into the local economy.
  6. Thanks for the report Frank. I have to get over there to get some walleyes.
  7. My Lund is overdue for its spring wash and wax. Thanks to you I will actually be able to get it clean! But as long as the fish are biting, the vinegar wash and wax will have to wait!
  8. Wow, what an exciting trip Jimmy! Thanks for this, and all your reports.
  9. Thanks for the report Mike. It is always nice to get a pair of walleyes! Where did you put in?
  10. I was a substance abuse counselor for 23 years. Did you know that one legal problem with alcohol in your boat could keep you out of Canada for the rest of your life? As with everything, moderation and judgment are warranted whenever alcohol is involved.
  11. Great company and equally great service!
  12. That is perseverance! And, great job fishing!!
  13. I have a LCX 525 DF with the transducer mounted on the transom. It reads the bottom well on plane, but I don't really expect it to show a big arch below me when I am going 30. Should I?
  14. Your report makes me want to drive north for some walleyes Capt. Ken. Probably wont happen this summer though. Great report.
  15. Jonas, WOW those fish are giant! Thanks for the report. Keep us posted on your summer fishing.
  16. Thank you for sharing your loss with us Sherman. I too have a little brother who comes up a couple times of year to fish with me. Your post will make our next trip much more meaningful. I know that all words are inadequate at this time. You and your family and his family are in my prayers.
  17. Eric, thanks for the report. Sounds like a great time on the lake. What went crazy after your speed change?
  18. Great report, and smaller fish is lots better than skunks!
  19. WTG! Sounds like you had a great time on the water today!
  20. Thanks for the report Jacob. Sounds like you had a great day on the water. I was out yesterday too in the supposed 1 to 3s that turned out to be 3-5 with an occasional 6 thrown in. What has happened to the formerly trustworthy National Weather Service reports?
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