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  1. Isn't this a great salmon season! What a problem to have - needing a new bigger cooler. When you are looking, some of the igloos have a ruler embossed right into the top.
  2. Thanks for the report John, Is your first mate for hire?
  3. Good job Ross. I like the picture of the fish and the truck! Sorry to hear about your loss to the **** nets.
  4. Sounds like you had quite the trip Nick. Sometimes you win - sometimes the fish wins, and sometimes the game ends tied.
  5. Good job finding the fish Eric. Thanks for the report.
  6. Way to go Chandler! That is a lot of action. How did you do on your triple?
  7. WTG Ben, and thanks so much for your reports.
  8. Great pics Richard. What port did you fish out of and how deep were you fishing when you caught these beauties?
  9. The problem with Chinook cleaning station is that after I pull my boat out of the public launch, then I would need to drive downtown with the boat, find parking and convince someone to unlock the cleaning station. We so need a cleaning station at the public launch.
  10. Don, Thanks for the report of your successful trip!
  11. Thanks for the report Bob. The fishing is picking up and 14 lb kings are being taken regularly now. I can't wait till August!
  12. Thanks for the report Dave. Sounds like a great family outing to me. Core is a great fishcatcher, but boy can a 14 lb salmon make a mess of it. Hopefully you were able to get it untangled without losing any.
  13. CAC


    Great explanation Twill. Here's the crinkle - I have ridden on a well known local charter who does not measure the speed at the ball, yet they have been highly successful for many years. Does it make sense that as long as the bait is speed tolerant, the salmon can swim fast enough to catch it?
  14. WOW! Great job getting that dinosaur into the net. I agree with others - the cost will be worth hanging that guy on the wall.
  15. Out with a friend yesterday going 5 for 7 including a 13lb king and 11 lb steely. We left the busy Grand Haven city dock at 5:45 and started fishing in 80 fow. We dodged boats to 95 and took a south troll. SOG 2.2-2.4. What worked 2 fish on a mag dipsey on 2 with a die hard prochip flasher with green hypnotist fly 1 was 88 back in 91 fow - the nice king 1 was 115 back in 138 - a smaller king 1 fish on a mag dipsey on 2 with a protroll green holo glo flasher with green hypnotist back 88 in 121 fow The steelies came on a 6 color and a 3 color between 125 and 141 both on double orange crush It is always great to get a friend into some good fishing and send him home with enough fish to remind him of the trip for weeks or months.
  16. I have an unused LGX 4000 GI bought for my LCX 525 DF. It ends up that my old one works after all. It is past the time for a return. PM me and I will make you a deal. Ryan, thanks for an informative post.
  17. Hi Bob, I was out of Grand Haven twice last week. Did real well on a south troll between 65 and 95. Steelhead have shown up in the upper 35 feet and are routinely caught on Double Orange Crush and Mixed Veggies. The kings are caught at sunup till 8:30 or so. We have done well with 8" prochip hologlo flashers and blue or green flies on the dipseys or riggers.
  18. Thanks for the post Jim. Great job getting these gals into the fish.
  19. WOW! Great job getting Josh over the fish Capt and great job getting that behemoth into the boat Josh! The maker of the spinning reel might like to get one of your pics for advertising.
  20. Thanks for the report John. I may go out of Grand Haven tonight and your report will be helpful to me.
  21. I was out of South Haven Saturday am in 45 fow with about 4 other boats. We got 4 right off the bat early and then nothing after. The 3 footers made it a challenge so we went in about 11:30. It should be turning on soon.
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