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  1. Nice and clear at anchorage boat launch all the way to big lake!!
  2. Hello fellas jus got a new to me boat and it came with 2 cannon digi troll 2 downriggers and the screen are busted. I've been searching and found that we can convert these to use a switch or use parts from the cannon mag 10. Can't find much more info on it and was hoping u guys can help with what is needed to convert them and get them going again. Any info is much appreciated!!
  3. Great report!! I lost one on the green lightning plug and been trying to replace it!! I think I'm going to try launching out of portsheldon for a change..
  4. Thanks for the quick and easy recipe!! My family and I enjoyed it very much!!
  5. Thank u! I'm in a red 16' Lund with 2 little big Jon downriggers and 2 dipsy rods.. I plan on joining the Michigan salmon spectacular derby so ill be out there this weekend!! Hopfully I can land something big enough to enter derby. Anyone else entering the derby??
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