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  1. I can get coordinates next time I'm out on the boat but it's basically straight out from the bath house and 63 fow
  2. Went out yesterday for a shakedown Run Plan on fishing for Browns Heard a rumor about the perch grabbed some minnows just in case and never left the perch hole 6o - 65 fow south of the pier or straight out from the bill Mar we had 80 keepers. Minnows were better than leeches but still caught fish ( they were out of wigglers so we tried the leeches) ended up being a really fun trip good luck fellas
  3. Good luck we went out yesterday for are shakedown run for browns out of grand haven and never left the perch spot
  4. Good job nick I scooped it out on Sunday in grand haven looks doable if I could get out of marina. Still frozen
  5. I am going to be new to perch fishing this summer and spring in the area of grand haven and port sheldon. Can you give me some advice on spots, time of year, and rigs you use to catch em? I'd really appreciate it.

  6. Tryed perching today for a change of pace, got 74 and 1 small king on my perch rod, we used minnows in 25 fow strait out from the stack , tons of boats working the mud and channel slaying them Good luck to all
  7. Thanks guys I'll try to post every time I go out. I like this site, it is helpful to me as well good luck to all. John
  8. Fished from 7 til noon in 110-130 fow went 5 for 9 everything worked today , starting with the best 23# king straight out in 119 fow shoot rigger down 110 on mountain dew meat rig, 15# king 300 copper UV blue dolfin spoon, 10# steel head 49 down on rigger yellow green UV spoon this rigger went off 4 time's got 2 of them other one was 12# king, both wire one mountain dew meat rig one white paddle white fly 225 back and 125 back, 5 color took 8# king green black UV spoon Good luck to all. Hope this helps someone
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