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  1. Kings often feed in warm water so I doubt it kills them.
  2. Would you rather have a couple more years of good fishing and destroy the fishery or take drastic measures now to try and give it a future?
  3. This idea goes against the DNRs plan to reduce salmon numbers. The idea is to hopefully allow alewives to rebound. Less fish is the plan right now and reducing limits or increasing size minimums goes against this.
  4. Good reason to always let someone know where you are and when you should be back. 5 days missing before it was reported. very sad
  5. Whoever says not to put it in oil has never flushed a crankcase. Not only is it safe it works great. Source: I'm a mechanic. Also read the dang can.....
  6. The verdict is I never had a spoon bite but did manage a few steelhead on riggers with the mag sized green mamba glow
  7. Late start around 630ish. Setup north of sliders in 110 on southwest. Ran west/east trolls following wave direction between 120 and 150. Ended 2 for 4. Coho and laker Started off with paddles meat and plugs but couldn't get anything going. Switched to a moonshine crab face on diver back 200 set 2 Slowed down for a change from 2.5 at the ball to 2.0 and diver immediately goes off landing coho. Kept speed to 1.8-2.0 and worked that mark east and west Took 3 more hits, 2 of same diver with crab face and 1 on diver with black mamba reel fish flasher and John king 2 green fly chrome meat rig back 220 set 2. Lots of marks in 120 to 130. Scattered marks out to 150 and some big bait balls up high.
  8. Could be related to a lot of bait in that area? I've heard lots of ales in stomachs
  9. Are you looking at open lake or nearshore? Nearshore is almost always wrong
  10. Forget the meat put a poofster or oceana fly behind it and keep it 10 off the bottom right now for big fish
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