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    Love fishing the great lakes ,walleye,and bass.
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  1. Thanks KJ,thats what I thought just needed to hear it from someone.
  2. As the copper depth chart says feet out, I assume are copper not backing?
  3. The question was about the depth chart...anyone?
  4. Do we let out x amount of backing to get x amount of depth like lead core ? Or just attach to backing up from the knot ? Thanks. Gary.
  5. Ryan thanks a bunch for your effort on this...What would be the cost of nmea2000 ? Sounds like you have a clue on the nmea2000 connections? as long as its blue ends and has male ends to plug in my sonar unit and gps cable correct? Would you also be into rigging me up one,or guiding me through it? Gary
  6. Thanks I bought the lgc-2000 but now I need a cable,#N2KY-12BL.Anyone find or have one ? Thanks again
  7. scgibby11,thanks. went there talked to tech and he gave me this #N2KY-12BL unfortunatly its discontinued. Anyone find one please let me know,and I will buy it.Thanks
  8. Can someone direct me to a place I can get a 20' or 25' Y cable with 60 Terminator ? My LGC-2000 didnt come with one.
  9. I have a Lowrance LCX-20C, does anyone know which gps module would work? Or have one there not using that would? Thanks Gary.
  10. Thanks ,I`m starting to use the meat -rig this season also.Great info.
  11. Twill23,nice report and picture...Reminds me of a laker I caught on Torch Lk,a bit over 20lb`s,37"...Had 3 10" lake herring in her gut, and still hit my offering.An 18 chart/silver rapala..Like your pic,I was very impressed at there ability to gorge themselves. Thanks, Gary
  12. 31lbs 7 oz... My largest 25 lb 9 0z. AWESOME fish dude!
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