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  1. I’m planning to head out of St. Joe tomorrow evening again. Kings have slowed some over the past week as they move north it seems but there are still some around. Seem to be deeper 130-180’. More coho being mixed into the catches then kings now for me.
  2. Tagged Salmon Michigan DNR Drop off Locations Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows where there is a drop location for tagged salmon/trout heads near southern Lake Michigan (St. Joe or New Buffalo Area). I have caught quite a few tagged ones this year so far and don't know where to take them. Cant seem to find it on the Michigan DNR website either. I feel bad just throwing them away but don't know exactly what to do with them.
  3. pikeman8


    I know for me and at least two of my buddies out of St. Joe the fishing has been so bad this year for salmon we haven't made the effort to go out just to pound the bottom for grease or run out to 250 feet in hopes of getting something silver. Lack of fishing activity and poor fishing I think is the cause. Guys are much more inclined to report doing well then getting a skunk.
  4. Looking to add some spoon racks under my hardtop and gunwales of my boat to store and hang spoons for easy access and organization. I have seen quite a few boats around the harbor with the hanging spoon/lure racks but never really paid attention to how they were setup. Doesnt have to be elaborate just dont want them falling off with every wave. What do you guys use? Thanks.
  5. pikeman8

    Lowrance LCX28cHD Problems

    I had the same thing happen with my Lowrance. Was a different model # but same symptoms. Sent back to Lowrance but they had to replace the entire head unit stating an electrical circuit problem. Sorry for your luck.
  6. Don't worry you are not alone. I have fished St. Joe two times in the last week and have caught 4 fish combined between the two. No pattern or color could be found. Each one of the four were caught on something different: spoon, meat rig, ff, and cut plug. Man I wish June was back when the fishing was good. Nobody seems to explain what is up. We find cold water and marks just can't get em to go.
  7. Any color on the meat rigs standout above the rest?
  8. Black Walker Deeper Divers is all I run now with great results for the past 3 years. It is my preference to stay away from the divers with removable rings (actual dipsey divers). Ditch the mono for braid if you can't afford wire. I run 40 lb power pro with flourocarbon leader. I have wire divers as well but often choose the braid over the wire to run.
  9. It looks like it is tagged from the picture and missing the back adipose fin. Would be interesting to find the age and history of it.
  10. pikeman8

    Aluminum Hull Transducer

    Ran the transducer cables all by themselves across the floor of the boat last weekend and NO difference at all. I ordered an Alumaducer by Vexilar. Worth a shot at this point. Ill see how it works. Sooner or later ill find something that works.
  11. pikeman8

    Aluminum Hull Transducer

    The starbord side has two separate transducers for the humminbird. I originally thought the problem was with the transducer so I bought a new one and installed. The problem was still the same. Only one is hooked up currently. I then took my lowrance off my other boat (which worked awesome on the other boat) and installed with the transducer on the port side next to my fishhawk x-5 triducer. The lowrance has the same resolution as the humminbird. I have experimented with only running one unit at a time without the probe as well as playing with various settings in the fishfinders to no avail. No much room back there with all the stuff mounted.
  12. pikeman8

    Aluminum Hull Transducer

    I'll try to get some pics uploaded.
  13. pikeman8

    Aluminum Hull Transducer

    I have a Lund Genmar 2450 and ever since I have owned it I cannot get good/any resolution on the depth finders. I have a Humminbird 937c and a Lowrance LMS332C both have similar results. I can keep bottom fine however its ALWAYS blank between the top and bottom. I cant even mark my 15# rigger balls down 30'. The lowrance was taken off my previous boat and it worked flawless. Marked fish and my balls down to over 100'. I am convinced it is interference with my trim tabs on this boat. I have tried different transducers and locations and its always the same. With the trim tabs it really limits the spots to mount the transducers. Has anyone else had similar problems? Has anyone tried the shoot thru Alumaducer? I love the boat but hate I cant mark anything, no bait, downrigger balls, or fish:mad: