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  1. we always cut them a quick snip with the scissors once they are in the cooler equals a much cleaner end product
  2. I will be there for the July 7 tournament ..Mark me down Thanks, Nate
  3. So far so good... its only my second year on the big pond but i have boated 42 fish this year. The dipsys were cold to start but the seem to be producing better the last trip or 2. All of my cores have done very well.
  4. Got a bit of a late start as i had 3 guys with me that had little to no experience. Finally had all the lines set at around 6:30 started in 80 worked to 120 with nothing came back in and started picking away at them. 90-95 seemed to be the best. pulled lines around 11 ended 5 for 7 3 steelhead, 1 king, 1 laker. 170 copper magic man 6 color double orange crush 5 color mandarin minnow braid mag dipsy back 110 black s.d. with green fly braid dipsy back 175 mag carmel dolphin
  5. Set up in 60 fow trolled s.w. to 120 with no hits. Turned and headed n.e. backed to 90 fow and ended up 5 for 8 most fish came right at dark. what worked 1 steel 1 king on 170 copper bloody death 1 king braid dipsy 100 back 1 king on mag braid dipsy 130 back 1 king on 10 color had a couple hits and misses on a rigger down 35 Cant remember what spoons were where but all were moonshines
  6. We fished muskegon last night... ended 10 for 15. 300 copper, 5,6,10 colors were the best all on spoons. 80-90 fow was the best.
  7. I am fairly new to running lead core and i see all of you are saying let 25 or so feet of backer, what is the reasoning for this? i have been attaching the board maybe a foot behind the leadcore .... want to make sure im not doing something wrong?
  8. we also had a good night... wentt 6 for 9 with 2 being 18lbs... broke off on 2 nice ones screaming line... one of them got a planer board and 5 colors of lead. hits came on anything and everything!
  9. Ive got a piece of paneling with styrofoam glued to it....works great.
  10. wasnt expecting the overcast and rain. picked up a small steelie in 60 fow on 3 color green dolphin, and an 11lb king 130 fow 55 down on rigger smurf. Had a couple more hits but no dice.
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