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  1. Thanks for the report Buster. I got my boat last week and am itching to get out.
  2. Thanks for the recipe Dave. I have a couple of steelhead fillets left from last year that I will try it on. It's time to make room for 2012 fish in the freezer!
  3. Use someone else's laptop and get those pics up for us! Sounds like a sweet boat.
  4. One of my Convector 30's line counter is also broken. I emailed Tunas to see if I could just come up to Ludington and get what I need to fix it. I am awaiting their response.
  5. I buy cheap listerine and pour some in after I wash the cooler. I wash it with that, then rinse it and it is fresh the next time I use it. The drug store brand is really cheap.
  6. I agree with the advice to buy 10 area 51s. It is always my best fish catcher. Add ET, mixed and freakin veggies, blue and green dolphins and you are in business.
  7. I hope to pick up at least 1 clarion this next season to use with 10 colors. That fast retrieve would be great for the lead.
  8. I had one bite through 40 lb and swim away with my fly hook last week. It made a believer out of me to start using 30 lb flouro leaders instead of the 20 or 25 I had been using.
  9. I only rarely get a steelie on a dipsey. Most come from 5 colors with orange on them or freakin blue veggies. The "air shows" significantly reduce the ratio of caught fish, but isn't it fun! I got an unusual one last week that took me deep in 125 feet of water. It finally did make it to the net.
  10. Great report Flyboy. Austin Jackson would be thrilled to be batting 4 for 6.
  11. WTG and thanks for the report Katrina. If you are out on Monday, give a shout to Reel Therapy on 68.
  12. I agree with the 5 colors and double orange crush or the blue veggies. Carmel dolphin can also catch the steelies on 5 colors. Tight Lines!
  13. Good work! There's nothing like doing it yourself!
  14. Captain Ron, Thanks for the salmon report, and thanks for the report on the perch. last week the heat kept us from chasing the perch. Hopefully we can get out soon.
  15. WTG Joe. And you survived the equally hoped for and dreaded triple. What fun!
  16. I have used mine once before today and it worked great. I put it down today and left it on for a long time. It shut off and did not read the results when I started it again. It is a helpful little tool for those of us who prefer not to spend the money on a probe unit.
  17. 2 riggers, with 4 lead core for boards, plus 2 divers. I frequently have the 2 riggers, 2 divers and two leadcore going. Today it was the rggers and 4 leadcores - two five color, a two color and three color. All my fish came on the five colors. You need to gradually collect more rods and reels than you can use at once so that you will have what you need when the occasion arises.
  18. Thanks for such a helpful post. One of us should do similar tests on braid.
  19. Thanks for the report Matt. You did well for the frist trip out.
  20. Thanks for the report. Happy to hear that the flea flicker line is working for you.
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