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  1. Oct 21 Last trip for 2017 Went out today with a friend one last time before storing the boat till next spring. Started trolling in 300ft + and got a small 4 pound rainbow on a Mich Stinger Mag (Mongoose) about 40 ft down. Then my buddy lands a nice silver king on a flasher/spoon combo trolled at 80ft down. and that was it for us. Already cant wait for spring!
  2. Slow start Hey guys, hope your season is better than mine, its been a slow start with very crappy weather. Only been out one time with a friend in his boat, my old boat has engine troubles, again anyway, heres one of my friend Richard with a nice king from a few weeks ago:
  3. Thanks Nailer! , cant wait for spring!
  4. Hey Pete, I order those spoons right from Gapen Fishing. I fish the west end for lakers, mostly right out of Jordan. I have had the same experiences as you, some times you have to wait for them to turn on. I actually never had no luck using plastics so mostly just use jigs and spoons for them. I find it interesting to watch them on the fish finder as they come up to investigate the jigs as they drop. For me its way more fun than trolling for them even though trolling is more effective way to catch big numbers of them. Check out some of my pics here:https://www.flickr.com/gp/[email protected]/1n7j86
  5. nice video Pete, Ive been jigging Lake O for the last 3 years for lakers, best times for me are actually around noon on those flat calm days. Gapen Flicker has been my best all around laker jigging spoon, I have modified it with assist hooks and stick on eyes Ive experimented with all sorts of metal jigs and plastics but the Gapen spoon is my best so far, cant wait for spring!
  6. Summer Salmon Happy New Year, hope 2017 is a great year for fishing!
  7. ......they have been watching too much pro-bass
  8. Hi guys, havent checked in here for a long time. I hate winter, cant wait for spring. Thought Id share a few photos from the last season on Lake O. Didnt do much salmon fishing as I was trying to learn how to jig fish for lake trout. Have a lot to learn about vertical jigging for lakers on the big open lake. Anyway, heres a few pics I like, hope you like them too. 1. My very first jig caught laker. About 10 pounds on a Luhr Jensen crippled herring, 4 oz. 2. another jig caught laker 3. release pic of a jig caught laker, 4. another release pic, 5. my largest jig caught laker-- 19.6 pounds, 6. 1st jig caught rainbow on the big lake, and , also did some trolling with friends cause they dont have the patience to jig fish............ 7. a dandy 15 pound coho caught by my friend, trolling trolling in my boat, 8. and last, a nice brown caught by another friend in my boat, 15+ pounds, and those were the highlites of my season. Hope spring comes soon cause Im going crazy here:grin:
  9. its a Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring 4oz. Im also having luck jigging with Shimano FF jigs and Blue Fox Gomame jigs and Irish Jigs. Some days I can get them jigging, other days they just seem to want trolled lures. So far Im experimenting with metal jigs, havent even started on plastics yet.
  10. been mostly concentrating on lake trout this year, trying to learn how to jig for them effectively. Did a bit of trolling as well. bought a newer, slightly bigger boat in the spring, working out very well. having fun on the Big O:D
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