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  1. Gun lake is great for all kinds of fish. I go there for a week in early June each year. Send me a pm and a phone number and I would be happy to help you fill the fish basket and have a great time.
  2. Thanks for the report. I will still venture out of Muskegon on Sat., but my expectations will be in line with recent reports like yours.
  3. Congrats Josh - You deserve those new riggers! Good luck and tight lines!
  4. WTG and thanks for the report Andy. I just have to get up to Ludington this summer.
  5. http://www.greatlakesfisherman.com/gallery/files/9/0/5/img00135.jpg' alt='img00135.jpg'> Let me try one more time.
  6. Thanks for the report Chris. It is similar to most from the past few days.
  7. Jim, thanks for the report. Tight lines to all
  8. I have two old and borrowed Riviera riggers on my Lund Explorer. I would post the picture but am not sure how to do so.
  9. Chartrouse mister twisters on beetle spin took 4 for me last week.
  10. Mike, How cold would the water have to get for you to decide to set up in 40?
  11. Dan, welcome aboard. You will grow to appreciate this site and the up to date info on a myriad of boating/fishing related topics.
  12. Thanks everyone for the info. I will go out Sunday and I think start at 80 straight out from Muskegon pier.
  13. I have the same question. It will be my first trip this season. I also wonder how the spread would be changed for the first 1-2 hours around sunrise.
  14. I'm there with Reel Cranky too. It floooows.
  15. Thanks for the report. That's not a bad way to start out the season, and it will just get better.
  16. I am anxioius to hear how it works for you. I anticipate purchasing a probe this summer, or at least by next year.
  17. Mike, I'll take two of the smaller ones.
  18. Thank you Capt Ron. How far out do you have to go in South Haven to reach 100 ft? Do you have nets down there? I usually fish out of Muskegon, but would like to explore some other ports.
  19. MIke, Thanks so much for this site. I can't thank you enough, and I can't thank all the guys who contribute to it enough either!
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