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  1. Hi Chris, does this work? http://www.michigan.gov/documents/dnr/CodedWireTagDropSites_320620_7.pdf I think it is what you wanted. Here is a link for some general info: http://www.michigan.gov/dnr/0,4570,7-153-10364_52259_10951_11301-97831--,00.html
  2. Excellent. Was the water getting cleaner? Guess it will get all stirred up again with this next system anyway. Paul C
  3. Well, had such a great trip out of St. Joseph two weeks ago, planned on doing a repeat. (best laid plans I guess). Cleared the piers and set out six lines for the two of us, all Thin Fins on boards, just like last time. Nothing. Finally moved out to 40 feet of water trying to find some clean water and picked up one nice coho on a Thin Fin with lots of gold. Started mixing things up, put the down riggers out and tried some spoons, peanut fly, some Hot N Tots etc. Ended up with just the one, which we released after giving it a free ride most of the day. At least with the water so cold the fish stayed healthy and swam like a bullet away from the boat. Maybe next trip. Sure was a beautiful day!Paul C.
  4. I switched 3 years ago, it was refreshing buying a product from someone who understood fishing. Plus he talked me through a replacement value policy, which makes me feel better. My prior policy and my policy through Bob were both with the same company but he was able to get more coverage for a little less money. It is worth the phone call for sure. Paul C.
  5. Thanks for sharing, great family fun for sure!
  6. Thanks for the report salmonslammer! We have not been on Lake Michigan yet, but headed over to Erie in the morning. Glad you found some. How was the ice? Thanks. Paul C.
  7. Hi Paul, Dr. Jason Halfin does a lot of training stuff and here is a little snippet of some of it: http://www.thetechnologicalangler.com/Catching-early-spring-walleyes-rivers-part-1.html I do have side imaging and find myself using 2 D sonar more then the side imaging. Not necessarily walleye related, this last summer, I was using the side imaging to mark schools of bluegills suspended in the deep water in my favorite bluegill lakes and putting way points on the schools and then going back and fishing them. The fish were suspended over 30 feet of water and around 15 foot down, roughly at the thermocline. I'd suspect if I'd use side imaging it would certainly show suspended walleye. I realize he is more of the Humminbird slant but it would certainly relate. Also, I'm still learning every trip, and I expect it to get more useful. Here is a little video with the actual structure scan unit: I've seen some info from Lance Valentine, www.walleye101.com, regarding structure scan also, but couldn't find it. Lance is certainly the smartest Lowrance guy I know. He could probably give you some sound advise. Guess all I'm trying to say is I'd prefer not to limit myself by not having it. My thoughts anyway. Thinks spring! Paul C.
  8. Thanks for the report Brad. We're headed to Simcoe this morning to try and catch some perch. The lake was hard on us this year. Good job!! Paul C.
  9. Hope you find them. Just checked the buoy and it says 6 inch waves! Paul C.
  10. Hi Moldman, I have a pretty good selection of DHJ12's and agree with you, depth is often an issue. I watched the following video from Mark Romanack: I rigged the Tadpoles like he shows in the video, and with that info, you can get a lot more depth options. I have used them walleye fishing on Lake Erie and they work fine. Actually caught some fish. Also tried them on Lake Michigan. I'm convinced I'm jinxed. We've had a tough year out of St. Joe and South Haven. Anyway, if you go with the smaller DHJ's the Tadpoles give some great options and they have a good depth chart. I felt it was easier to control depth with them then inline weights. Just a thought. Paul C.
  11. Thanks for the report. There is hope!!!!!!!! We've had a tough year so far. Thank you. Paul C.
  12. Tried South Haven again today after the big blow. Had a great time, the lake was a little bumpy but it sure was pretty out. HOWEVER, 0 for 1. Yup, that's what we had. Tried: Five color, 10 color, 150 copper, 300 copper, downriggers, dipsy's, Thin Fins, Jointed Rapalas, magnum spoons, regular spoons, flashers and flies, spin doctors and flies, different colors enough to create a color wheel. All up and down the water column. Generally below 60 feet the water was in the 40's, although some pockets were warmer in places. The one hit was on the 150 copper with a jointed Rapala. On for a very short time. Started out in 90, marked some bait balls, trolled out to last weeks marks in the 160's. Pretty sterile out deep, picked up and moved back to the 90's, started marking bait balls again but very few arches. Finally said uncle. Not many perch boats out either. Hopefully the lake will settle down after the blow. Good luck all. Paul C.
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