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  1. Had a Grand time today out of Grand Haven, almost filled the cooler. Trolled south all day to Port Sheldon. 10-10 kings and a couple fat ho's. 80-140 fow, 2.2 mph at fish hawk, big weenie spotted dick and blue balls meat rigs on riggers 72 and 80 down, UV spinnie and meat rigs on wire dipsies 120' and 57' dr, 150 copper blue flounder pounder. Couldn't get a plug to fire today. #wasabicharters
  2. Grand Haven 7/23 pm Smiths Bayou with 6 college girls, then fishing! 4/5, 3 kings and a metalhead. 75-85 fow in front of channel. Spotted Dick meat rig on 250 copper went 3 times, blue splatter plug on 10 color caught steel, white crush spinnie meat rig on dipsy 80 back caught the biggest king.
  3. Thanks for the report. Planning to fish out of MC later this week. Where about were you successful? Middle numbers?
  4. Washed a lot of lures, killed flies, and dragged meat all morning, managed 1 greasy chicken 120 wire dipsey meat rig in 80 FOW, lots of marks 70-90 fow, gonna try the night bite, hopefully the flies stop biting and the kings start!
  5. Another slow night, but boxed two nice kings, 15 and 13#. 75-80 fow rosy mound at dusk. Wire dipsy at 90 on 3, uv gasoline spinnie w spotted dick meat rig. 5 color core with Flea4all. 👍 to the young gents at FishOn.
  6. Hey Scumline! Going out Saturday night, Sunday am and pm too. Good luck and let me know how ya do. wasabi on 68
  7. 2\2 kings, 7&15#, 93-87 fow rosy mound. North troll, 120 wire dipsy Spinny meat rig. 150 cu green glow frog spoon. Sweetwater safari weekend has started.
  8. Saturday the Grandhaven and port sheldon channels were clear when holland was still packed in ice Pack ice was couple miles offshore and no bergs btwn the two ports.
  9. Promise to not fish in Pigeon Lake, just idle thru. Are the ramps in yet?
  10. Very interested, please send me dimensions and your location. [email protected]
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