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  1. WTG Dave. Sounds like you coped well with the proverbial Chinese Fire Drill. I wish you luck with your electronics problem.
  2. Great question! I look forward to the responses you will receive. I ususually go to a favorite depth for the time of year, put the rods out and look for the fish.
  3. Good Job dealing with the mishaps! I can't imagine the challenge of getting these fish in the boat without a net.
  4. Thank you!!!! I presently have a new favorite website! Thank you so much. Now we have to convince someone in Muskegon to do this.
  5. I Love my Lund! I looked at them all before buying about five years ago. The Starcraft was my second choice. I get 3/4 a gallon per hour trolling with the 60 hp. 4 stroke. I wish I would have got the 90 hp.
  6. Thanks for the detailed report. I bet it was beautiful out there today.
  7. WTG! Great trip with fihing and hockey-what a combination!
  8. I typically run 2 riggers, 2 dispseys - one high one low- and two lead cores early in the day. Sometimes I put out a high line instead of one of the riggers early in the morning. As it gets later in the morning the 5 color often picks up a steelhead.
  9. The improved clinch is a sound knot if wetted adequately. I use big game 20 and haven't lost any gear in three years.
  10. I have wondered too if it would work when we find a large ball of baitfish out in the lake. Has anyone tried it there?
  11. Even if they took their fishing licenses away for life you can "bet" they would be out there doing it again in short order. That's what criminals do, they disregard laws. Thanks to the DNRE for at least sending a ripple into the poaching pond.
  12. Thanks for the report Jim, and good job. I can't help with the cable question. I hope someone answers it.
  13. Thanks for the report. Good luck next week. I can't wait to get out!
  14. WTG Terry! Thanks for the inspiring post. I get my boat Tuesday, it won't be long now.
  15. WTG - I share Nailer's jealousy! I can't wait to get out.
  16. I hope to go for browns this year too. I look forward to learning more about fishing browns out of Muskegon too. I hope you get some helpful response to your post Flyboy.
  17. Clyde Richardson Kentwood,MI Experience: Big Lake 4 years, freshwater river and lake fishing - 45. Waters: Lake Mi out of Muskegon Boat: 16.5 Lund, "Real Therapy" I grew up in Northern IL fishing the Mississippi River. I moved to MI and got into inland lake fishing, then fall fishing for salmon in the Kzoo river, fly fishing and tying, then finally into big lake fishing. I have had the privilege of fishing from Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Chesepeake Bay and Bar Harbor to tuna fishing on the Pacific out of Oregon, and down to Mexico to catch sailfish. I don't live to fish, but fishing makes me easier to live with.
  18. Great thread and thanks to all. I have used both flood and uv. I had not previously thought about getting them too bright. This thread will definitely help my fishing this year.
  19. Great video. My high school french was of little help. Wish there was a english transcript. A great video vacation on this cold winter day though.
  20. Mike, Thanks so much for trying to make it happen. I have benefited so much from the Feb. seminar and was looking forward to it.
  21. Nice! Good work Jay. There are lot of gills and specks in Swan Lake. I once watched a 42 inch pike come off the ice there.
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