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Do you fish meat?

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Yes I do! It outfishes ANY other bait, on ANY other delivery device, on ANY givin day on Lake Michigan aboard my boat, and also always catches the biggest fish. Mostly whole Alewifes for me, but I'll use Herring if I have to as well.

But its not just another bait...like most guys treat it who are unsuccessful. Its a whole new pattern, with different trolling speeds, depths, and tactics. You cant just drop it into a spread of spoons and flys and expect it to shine.

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Yes in Ludington. Occasionally in the spring in St Joe. Probably ran it less last year than prior years. We can generally put good boxes together without meat, last year was easier then prior years so we ran less meat. When we are fishing hard, like at a tourney or if I'm staying out for a long time into mid day, I won't be without meat. It does shine late morning. Some will profess the small 6 rod spread with meat only but I always like to drag as many lures as I can. We have lot's of success mixing meat in our spread. If I was running charters, I'd wouldn't leave the dock without it.

Seems as I age, I like to fun fish more than I want to fish hard. Not going out on rough days, no 2 a days, coming in early etc. That's also due to fishing every weekend all summer and 3 weeks of vacation time. Don't really care to fish meat if I'm easy fishing with buddies who get to fish all the time. There has been more days lately where I don't really care if I get 5 fish or get double digits. I'm not going to bother with meat when I fishing like that. And then there are trips where we want to fish hard all day and load the box, we are taking meat that day.

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I love to fish the meat. Mostly herring with BW rigs and flashers, a few CJ 10" flashers left also that seem to work well off divers. I mostly fish Ludington, so when the morning bite dies or the fish are deep, that is when the meat is right in its wheelhouse. For an easy bite, I'll keep it in the cooler, but when it slows or the fish are deep, nothing works better. It also seems to put bigger fish on average in the box, usually the biggest fish come on the meat if I'm mixing programs.

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yes Michigan city to grand haven

Michigan city to Milwaukee the other side

usually don't get it out till the first of July seems any early than that it gets mixed results after the 4th don't leave port with out it

been doing this for almost ten years now it seems to take my bigger fish on our boat

there is a definite learning curve involved

fresh cut A side fillets are the best but we usually run the salt packed strips only because we are lazy and they work almost as good

have not had any luck with the new bally hoo strips

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