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  1. Three years old these riggers have the speed control set up installed as well as the auto stops 2 have the track tex 3" risers two have the 6" risers with swivel ases these where NOT used on a charter boat traded in for traxstech tech riggers 800 each or make offer on two better deal on all 4 [email protected] Or 877 607 6836
  2. Thank you for your order

    The fish are always cheaper at the supermarket sea food department just not near as fun !!

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  3. thanks for getting back to me. ordered 10 rods from you yesterday :) maiden voyage is saturday 5/21 on my new to me 24 ft regal. my $3500 boat is pushin $18,000 now lol

  4. We sell below map prices basically sale all the time

    These can often be shimano Pomo rebates going on independent of our offerings

    But usally not the case some of other dealers run promotions to be able to advertise under map price but these are not supported by shimano

    We just don't advertise much and sell at the best prices we can

    We do Oder direct from shimano and do not use distributors to keep our and eventually your prices down

    We do not buy damaged or seconds

    Life is just much simpler ans less hassle this way

    Thank you for you interest in our products and services


  5. looking at ordering 10 talora rods from you next week as your prices are good and you have the best selection in stock. wondering if you have any promos or rebates going? if not ill still be ordering from you just never hurts to check. thanks for your time

  6. I would use the klincher Fast easy and renewable
  7. A led light will flicker when ever the circuit is hooked to has ac current present The rectifier regulator is usally not a serviceable item usally just replace it A led light it polarity critical if hooked up backwards the lights will not work at all
  8. LED lights may be offering you a clue LED lights as well as computer driven products like fish finders and gps units are verry sensitive to polarity issues A alternator on a boat puts out alternating current And a recifyer regulator converts this alternating current into straight dc current I have found in the past with problems similar to your there was a bad diode in the recifyer regulator letting some alternating current slip by into the dc circuit This will cause a led lite to flicker and a gps unit to shut down or not start up Replacing the regulator recifyer solved the problem in my case After spending lots of time looking for loose wires and bad and corroded connections
  9. Make sure they took apart and washed out the bottom When the top breaks gravity takes metal pieces to the bottom and causes problems not rite away but soon enough
  10. No I am sory that won't work With a garmin TR1 The hyd pump and controller is only for the hyd steering cylinder used on the kicker will not steer the main motor or actuate and other steering devices
  11. Not all 16' boats but some have deep sides and level flotations I would be more concerned with freeboard than the size and dead rise of the bottom Check out a hewescraft craft 16 open fisherman or at least something similar
  12. Have 4 big John brutes se riggers With traxstech tech swivel bases And speed control auto stops installed 800 each Take 100 off each and no swivel base Another 100 off and will remove speed control and auto stop Or Make offer on all 4 Will not sell components unless riggers sell first Two classic traxstech tech pole holders for sale 60 each This stuff was NOT on a charter boat = lightly used [email protected]
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