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  1. Three years old these riggers have the speed control set up installed as well as the auto stops 2 have the track tex 3" risers two have the 6" risers with swivel ases these where NOT used on a charter boat traded in for traxstech tech riggers 800 each or make offer on two better deal on all 4 [email protected] Or 877 607 6836
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    The fish are always cheaper at the supermarket sea food department just not near as fun !!

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  3. We sell below map prices basically sale all the time

    These can often be shimano Pomo rebates going on independent of our offerings

    But usally not the case some of other dealers run promotions to be able to advertise under map price but these are not supported by shimano

    We just don't advertise much and sell at the best prices we can

    We do Oder direct from shimano and do not use distributors to keep our and eventually your prices down

    We do not buy damaged or seconds

    Life is just much simpler ans less hassle this way

    Thank you for you interest in our products and services


  4. I would use the klincher Fast easy and renewable
  5. A led light will flicker when ever the circuit is hooked to has ac current present The rectifier regulator is usally not a serviceable item usally just replace it A led light it polarity critical if hooked up backwards the lights will not work at all
  6. LED lights may be offering you a clue LED lights as well as computer driven products like fish finders and gps units are verry sensitive to polarity issues A alternator on a boat puts out alternating current And a recifyer regulator converts this alternating current into straight dc current I have found in the past with problems similar to your there was a bad diode in the recifyer regulator letting some alternating current slip by into the dc circuit This will cause a led lite to flicker and a gps unit to shut down or not start up Replacing the regulator recifyer solved the problem in my case After spending lots of time looking for loose wires and bad and corroded connections
  7. Make sure they took apart and washed out the bottom When the top breaks gravity takes metal pieces to the bottom and causes problems not rite away but soon enough
  8. No I am sory that won't work With a garmin TR1 The hyd pump and controller is only for the hyd steering cylinder used on the kicker will not steer the main motor or actuate and other steering devices
  9. Not all 16' boats but some have deep sides and level flotations I would be more concerned with freeboard than the size and dead rise of the bottom Check out a hewescraft craft 16 open fisherman or at least something similar
  10. Have 4 big John brutes se riggers With traxstech tech swivel bases And speed control auto stops installed 800 each Take 100 off each and no swivel base Another 100 off and will remove speed control and auto stop Or Make offer on all 4 Will not sell components unless riggers sell first Two classic traxstech tech pole holders for sale 60 each This stuff was NOT on a charter boat = lightly used [email protected]
  11. 2010 - Alumacraft Boats - Classic 165 super clean with accessories not the underpowered variety we usually see http://www.calumetmarine.com/component/ ... Itemid,52/ sea trial available no disappointments
  12. Best not to use a deep cycle battery as a starting battery if you have a new modern outboard with a high output alternator Most deep .cycles designed to be charged at a slower rate than a starting battery Best of f both worlds these days is a battery management system ormsmart switch with a house battery and dedicated engine battery this system keeps the staring battery fully charged and automatically switches battery charge as needed but always prioritizes the starting batter to get you home
  13. I did the same thing but put a 3/8" bolt in in place of the bigger hitch pin After I got it moving I beat it out with a sledge No I anti seize the snot out of all my hitches
  14. That really is a huge inprovements flux gate compasses are as out of date as a 8 track tape player A gyroscope is the state of the art navigation Some auto pilots still use flux gate with rudder sensors they quit using this set up in air planes in the early 70s But I still have guys telling me how great they are But no auto pilot is any good that's not installed and calibrated properly Lots of opinions out there though and we try to be respectfull to these guys with there wild notions or the way things are Do your home work pick the best auto pilot for your budget Lots more info on Www.nmea.org Or just google Flux gate compass VS gyroscope I hope they don't go back to using flux gate compasses in air planes again if they do remind me not to fly to Bermuda that has turned out bad more than one time
  15. I don't know guys ?? If smells like fish it's usually fish I think I would have to steal a boat super cheap to justify putting up with a two stoke you are talking 5- 10 X the fuel use let alone the smell Either the hydra sport is priced to high or the sea pro is priced to low or both That V6 4 stoke suzuki new is about 15 k motor by itself even used if scanned and it's never had problems is worth about 8-9k Sounds like a lot more investigating needs to be done
  16. All boats on used on the great lakes needs to have at least 2 bilge pumps One smaller automatic to keep the boat dry one larger one depending on size of boat to evacuate large amount of water I case of a emergency All bilge pumps need to be serviced at least annually and tested WITH WATER often Just turning them on to hear if they make noise or operate electrically is not a valid test In a emergency situation these pumps are a critical safety item that is often neglected Read more about pumps in the calumet marine forums pages under mechanics corner titles You have 3-5 seconds to decide Death by fishing line Both these titles are posts related to bilge pumps Be safe out there the water is cold this year lots of ice The fun is over if some one gets hurt
  17. This is one sweet set up and one of the best features is the software (set up wizard) You only have to use it once in most cases but set up and calibration is the key to making this sort of investment pay off for you in Fun on the water http://calumetmarine.3dcartstores.com/GHP-10_p_431.html
  18. Now is the Time to get that major overhaul done you can save 75% - 50% on what it costs to replace the newer style 4 stoke Out board lot of dealers will just tell you "its BLOWN" "you need a new motor" truth be told they price the work so high is because they just don't want to work this hard we are wrapping up out major overhauls to get ready for show season think spring !o its not done until it is toughly test run! DIRTY JOBS DONE DIRT CHEAP!
  19. got a old friend selling off the farm we sold his boat for him now he want to part with all the tackle we have grouped the rods and reels together in pairs I have this example for you a special mate spoon box with 4-500 spoons lot o of new in package spoons lots of new spoons never used no junk 500.00 takes it all lot of 10 dollar a piece glow spoons shoot me a email [email protected]
  20. I probably install more of this model than any other we usally use the 2.1L pump I love the zig zag feature for trolling the hot setting for my boat is 30' every 6 seconds it steers the boat better than I could ever in rough water or a high speed run out to the spot And most importantly when trolling this unit on my boat makes the steering wheel pretty much obsolete for much other than docking you will most certainly love this set up !!
  21. went out of Hammond around noon checked around calumet harbor by the fog horn both sides of the wall did not go up in the river or on the old us steel slips where we found marks on the fish finder we stopped but could not get any bitters winds had just changed so we took a ride over to gary light was a little rough but still a comfortable ride in the cat at 30 mph or less slowed down by the shoals off of pastrick di not see much on the fish finder so kept going seen some boat off of the gary lite just about a mile or two north of the lite decided to go in behind the wall at the gary lite to check water temps and see if there where and salmon size hooks on the graff not much to speak of the water temp way up in the corner by the discharge was 65 but out in open water was 52 did not see much of any thing on the graff so went out by the other perch fisherman and dropped lines caught a couple nice smaller perch but was slow and had to work for them when the clouds passed it got COLD decided to call it a day had a nice ride on the lake and a few fish and great time with some good friends it don't get much better than that for a day in November
  22. The Hewes craft proV has been around for a while but the extended transom version is new for 2013 The hard top just came out in 2012 there is quite a few hard tops around to look at but not many extended transoms yet I had one on order but had to switch the production slot out for a different model I had sold that was not on order I highly recommend a 150 or lighter motor on this boat any thing bigger get the trim tabs all aluminum boats with 4 stroke motors could use trim tabs but with the bigger motors or added weight of kickers aft begs for trim tabs no matter what brand boat it might be I know Al is performance orientated most people would not ever notice the difference A calumet marine we know small changes can make big differences in results RIP my old buddy COHO Harry He is greatly missed fishing buddy (last picture) check out a couple cool shot performance you tube videos of ours IMG]http://i132.photobucket.com/albums/q22/hondacat522/fishing2010/dadsolderpictures1289.jpg
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