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  1. Here is my boats 2 day breakdown from fishing the derby out of sheboygan. Saturday: started at 5am north of town in 45 to 70 ft targeting the 4 yr old kings that are beginning to stack up in this area. Went 2 for 4 by 8 am. They went 19 and 22 pds, and both hit j-plugs on a 5& 7color setup. We picked up and ran to 330 ft (11 miles) and went 7 for 9 by noon. 3 bows, 1laker, 1 coho,and 2 kings (2 yr olds). Best setup out there was 200 copper with a green and silver stinger spoon. Took 3 fish. Other 4 fish were on all different rigs. After coming back to weigh in we found out that boats in 400 ft (14 miles) did even better! Sunday: You guessed it, straight to 400ft at 5 am. (long run!) Setting lines at 5:45 am. The graph was loaded! 35 to 60 down was the zone, and the fish were active. We ended at 11 am going 13 for 17. 6 cohos, 2 lakers, 3 bows, 2 kings(1 3 yr old, 1 2 yr old) Best rig was a hammered silver dodger pulling a white tinsel howie fly. Ran a set on both sides off a 5 color and combined they caught 7 of the 13. All the deep water fish were between 3 and 10 pds for both days. So the size of fish is close to shore, but the numbers of fish are out deep.
  2. I fish with a buddy (the boat owner) alot on lake michigan, and he loves spoons, while I love f/f combos. We always argue over what to put on for baits. We run 2 riggers, 2 braid dipseys, and 2 leadcores or coppers out on boards. What and where should we run stuff? Is it ok to run both at the sametime, and if so, what speed at the ball is a good one? Just looking to settle the everlasting debate between us. Thanks all.
  3. My winter project is to retie all my flies with new leaders. My questions are: 1) What pound test and type of mono? 2) What length has been your boats most consistent producer? 3) Once done, what is the best way to store them? 4) Single or treble hook? Thanks everyone
  4. Fishing remains very consistent out of Sheboygan. We set lines this morning in 90 fow, with many marks on the graph at 45 to 70 down. Had only 3 lines in when first rigger popped and took off. From there on it was pretty busy. Only for a short time were all 6 rods in the water. Ended our day 10 for 11. The catch was 9 kings & 1 brown (13 pds) Here is the breakdown: 3 kings off riggers (51,55,65 ft down on glow spoons) 2 kings off 200' copper with watermelon spoon 2 kings off full core of lead with white glow spoon 2 kings off dipsey set on 3 with 110 ft out with white f/f combo 1 brown off dipsey set on 3 with 90 ft out with bullfrog spoon
  5. With the addition of some more rodholders, my boat is now able to try this setup of 2 dipseys a side. I plan on having a magnum set at 2, and a regluar size set at 5. Question: If I have the magnum out 80-90 ft on counter, what should other dipsey be to avoid crossing or tangles? Should it be farther back, or shorter. Or is this setup not right, and if so, what should it be?
  6. I want to know if I run a 200 ft copper on one side, a 300 ft copper on the other side, and a full core out the back, will this end up being a total nightmare? If the water is calm I plan on running the boards out a good distance. I have never attempted this, but before I do, just looking to see if I'm crazy or not. If this is a bad idea, how should I run these rods?
  7. Top five on my boat are: 1) Fishlander glow easteregg (4 inch) 2) Fishlander glow broken taillight (magnum) 3) Stinger monkey puke (4 inch) 4) Moonshine glow wonderbread (4 inch) 5) Fishlander glow cracked ice (magnum) These 5 spoons put alot of fish in the box by 8 a.m. After that, I start going to flashers, or switching to other non-glow spoons. I have an old orange flutter spoon that smacks the rainbows, but not a top 5 spoon. Hope this helps.
  8. If you were only allowed to fish one depth (within 20 ft) what would it be? Ignore time of year and water temp. I want your most consistent range day in and day out. I dont mean where in the water column but just the overall depth. example: My boat always does good 120 to 140 feet. We can find good surface action with bows, but also the kings can be hanging like 40 down. This is out of Sheboygan.
  9. Don't fish meat at this point, but thinking about trying it this summer:thumb: Port of Sheboygan, Wisconsin
  10. Last year for my boat, if we had the riggers in 53-56 degree water, and a speed of 1.9 at the ball, it was lights out fast action. Mainly spoons, and caught all 5 species by doing this. I agree with the rest, speed is more of a factor than temp.
  11. Glow green e-chip flasher with rapture fly (mirage) on a 32" lead. We ran it on the diver around 40 down. Took 2 24 pounders this year and many more.
  12. I've never had any issues with the diver knicking the line. I'm running #30 flourocarbon, and check the line alot, but never had anything that raised concern.
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