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  1. It's called vanish for a reason your bait will disappear
  2. I would go back to a bag if it just started this year.
  3. Are you running trolling bags? It would help a bunch to get the rpms up while trolling. If putting a load on the engine with bags doesnt clear it up I'd lean towards carburetor.
  4. Always store wire with tension, I trim back curly q's every few trips. And use twilli tips on the rods eagle claw rollers suck.
  5. It's not the wire. Loosen the drag, check setting on the diver, and quit setting the hook on a diver. I use 50lb mono for leader between snubber and flasher and 25lb for spoons. Haven't lost a diver in years or broke off a flasher.
  6. I am 100% with FBD on this one. Except I want to see zero stocking in the lake next year for all species. It would be better to take a few lean years then to have the kings completely gone in the next 5 years.
  7. Everyone of the last 3 "coho"s he has post have been kings. There is no part of any of them that looks like a coho.
  8. Did the fish have eggs or milk ready to run the river I bet not. It is an imature king or possibly a coho king cross.
  9. 1,2,3,5,7 and 10 color lead on boards. Mono slide divers and 2 riggers with free sliders. Cover as much water as u can. Spoons on everything. I like pro kings Flintstones dw SS and silver streak regular and mini for the steelhead
  10. There is a nicely equipped sea ray on great lakes angler. Only thing is no trailer.
  11. Yea it sucks for now with not very many kings but hopefully the bait can rebound enough. Or you guys on the gold Coast could have a lake like we do on the sunrise side. With no KINGS!!! It's been 13 years since it crashed and it still hasn't rebounded. We have all the gobies and shiner minnows a fish could want to eat but kings don't do well without alwives.
  12. Call install launch campground. They will take a credit card and leave the meat outside for you to pick up.
  13. Also need to remember these posts are auto generated from his Facebook page. He very well hasn't logged on here to check replies.
  14. I did a few spoons and crankbaits with the air brush last year. I just used createx paints and then envirotex lite 2 part epoxy to clear coat them. They held up well and caught some fish.
  15. Drags suck for wire. The line guide would get out of time with the line coming off the spool. They are just not a reel for wire. I have other okumas convectors and clarions along with tekotas for core and copper. And truthfully I like the okumas better for core and copper. I've had Catalina's connectors and cold waters for wire and NONE compare with a tekota.
  16. Spend the green on tekotas. Had the cold waters for 1 season and they are garbage. You wont be disappointed with tekotas.
  17. The guts at install launch are bagged then thrown in a dumpster.
  18. Leave the riggers for last pull the long stuff first. King ending up in copper=bye bye
  19. Not reel good Friday was much better. Very few teams had 10 fish both days let alone one day
  20. First we need to know what body of water you are fishing if its lake Erie or Saginaw bay get some 10s and 12s
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