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  1. we put our wire on the 700 tekotas, alot better than the 600s while fighting fish
  2. so are you changing your name from sniffer to stripper now?
  3. from what ive heard its either on or off
  4. :thumb: We ran plugs, and meat from the muskegon tournament until we pulled the boat at the end of the season! Its a myth that plugs and meat dont work in southern ports
  5. I have to pull the boat this weekend. Sounds like Fishermans landing is the place to get her on the trailer
  6. All I have to say is $100 always turns into $1000! Just bought 6 more tekotas for the spring! Great end of the year deals at Bretts on the Bay.
  7. Congrats on the new addition!! Kids are what make life complete!
  8. we changed from the cannon to a fishhawk last year, wouldnt have anything else.
  9. was there 2 weeks ago and its low, i got my boat in but wont be pulling out there. very shallow
  10. im in for $500, i will bring the cut off saw
  11. We refreeze ours, we run erie dearie. never had any problems with it
  12. We dont run lead core anymore, the coppers out produce the lead too much to even run them. We will run them in the fall for steelhead.
  13. I would pay that, met alot of friends and would have to say its made us better fisherman! We have done things that shouldnt work and do quite well! I have talked to a few on here on the phone and made some suggestions, and got the REALLY! and they did well... Its just a game. You play it well and it pays off!
  14. you dont have to run the meat rigs behind those flashers only, spinnies, and even nothing but the twinkies catch alot of fish! All about what they want.
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