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  1. Selling 4 brand new Seagate SGTLW60H $120 each Never used- still in box Located in Muskegon Will ship at buyers cost Free shipping if all 4 purchased
  2. 6 Rail-Clamp RH1-Rod-Holders new in August 2014 Retail $120 each All 6 for $575 firm. Excellent condition, lightly used. Location- muskegon PM for details on pick-up
  3. I would start with a trolling bag- this should slow you down enough. You can purchase different sizes. Try Big Poppa Sports online. Good luck
  4. Fishmael is in and I have an open seat if anyone wants to go, just PM me
  5. Go strait out and set up in 90fow don't be afraid to set riggers just off bottom with big paddles and head SW- out to 180-200. Watch for nets in front of Mona Lake in 90fow and again 130 FOW.kings deep off bottom coho up high in the 30-40 FOW water. Fish are there- sog 2.1-2.3 should produce. We had 14 bites this morning during our veterans tournament
  6. Good Luck Guys! I will be in Frankfort this weekend and I hope you guys find the big kings to fill the coolers:thumb:
  7. Took a ride on the PB&J this morning and we were able to knock down 10 fish out deep 220-250fow riggers parked at 130 and divers on 2 setting back 220-240' Fish seemed to like anything green on big paddles for us.
  8. Hey guys I just wanted to say thanks to Don/Patty/Jim/Doug and all the sponsors for putting on a great muskegon tournament series- my wife and crew have enjoyed the opportunity to fish against some great fisherman (women)- I hope we all get the chance to fish against each other again next year- Those guys and girl ( didn't forget you Patty) have worked very hard so that we could all have fun playing on the big pond for a chance to win a little money and get some cool stuff:thumb: ( Thank-You) I myself will not be able to fish the last tournament and I just wanted to let everyone that I have met this summer to know I appreciated the opportunity to have been able to make your acquaintance. Sincerely, Jake Sauve "Call Me Fishmael"
  9. Way to find the fish again:thumb: My butt is still sore from you guys kicking it on sunday:grin: It was a pleasure to be able to fish against all you guys in the mscst this year. Best of luck to all in the final event in 2 weeks.
  10. Didn't this happen last year? Funny how mother nature can repeat herself almost a year later to the date:confused:
  11. I don't think one has to buy blood run copper when there are several other great products out there- Most days copper far out produces lead core for us- but I run both and pull core only when the fish tell me they prefer copper.
  12. Guys- please correct me here but did the rules state a 3 man limit? Pull rods after 15 fish. Respectfully, Jake Sauve "Call Me Fishmael"
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