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    I am a die hard steelheader and salmon fisherman
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  1. I got 11 of them a week ago up north a couple of hogs in the bunch. A couple of good frys worth mmmm.
  2. So I can have a freezer full of lake trout, ha no thanks. They do make a good garden though.
  3. At 2:00 pm yesterday the water was like glass in St Ignace not a wave anywhere. I wondered where it all went.
  4. Everyone seems to think that the lake trout are there for native american commercial fishermen. There has to be a market for them otherwise they are no good. Lately there has not been much of a market for them. My neighbor is a commercial fisherman and he is always asking me if I want a lake trout.
  5. Spawning steelhead are very much like a salmon they will take advantage of river conditions. If a river is high and muddy a steelhead will go upstream 100 miles or more in a couple of days if it can. They will spawn fast and use the high muddy water to escape and go back into the lake. Once the water is back to normal you will see lots of redds with few fish on them. Some of these fish will hole up so instead of fishing gravel get on the holes.
  6. With less salmon migrating the fall steelhead are coming into the river later in the fall. The ones that I am catching are much larger but the numbers of fish are down. In the 1990's I used to land 10+ river steelhead pretty much every trip. Right now it is a skunk with a few caught here and there. I don't think that I have landed a steelhead under 5 lbs this fall. Not a problem catching spring steelhead I think that they come to Northern Michigan from all over the state due to colder and higher water. I know of places where if a guy wants to hike in to untouched waters you can see spawning steelhead by the thousands. They are there you just have to find them.
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