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  1. 110-150 a little south to strait out there are some trout and steelhead hitting up high 225 coppers up to flat lines worked this after noon mini streaks on the coppers and 3 colors and orange bomber on flat line 2,5 -2.9 on gps had 9 on got 5 good luck it keeps getting better every day
  2. I use floro carbon leader for my copper leaders 30# blood run the same for my sliders and the 40# leader for my diver leaders and flys it makes a huge difference in the number of bites you get in a trip I believe
  3. watch out Matt i hear Don is running wire on every rod tomarrow:grin:
  4. Just a reminder to enjoy every day on the lake you can get no matter how many fish you get caus there are those who can not get out there or who never can get out there ever again the number of fish is not the point it is the memory that counts that is all that matters!
  5. you let it happen last year
  6. so if a i fish on a am boat and am not the capt. but fish on his boat he can win a 1000 more than me if i fish on my own boat that is not right.
  7. thanks Rog i lost 3 boards this week and getting 1 back really helps.
  8. I have customer fishing this and paying the entrance fees and would rather it be like the old days catch 12 weight 12 how is it fair to them to loose to a guy who only caught 10 fish in 2 days if they got there 24 fish it would be nice if the pros had different rules and the ams could have catch 12 weight 5 because of the 333 every division should be aloud to catch the same amount off fish so no one has a advantage in the 333
  9. did i see green fish in there Ken ?Thanks for the Hams
  10. i have never had a problem repairing super copper this way and i use 32 and 45 #
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