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Went 3 for 5. Fished from 4 to 8ish with Rdfishin and Capt. Cam Man. 16-26 fow,1 and 2 color cores. Orange black stripie thin fin and blue/green dolphin silver streak. Couple hits on a Red Gander stinger spoon.

The kid and Roger both showed me up. 2 steelhead caught by the kid and a laker caught by Rog. All i could muster was about a 2 gallon ice cream bucket hooked right in the middle of the handle (it fought good). Ran 7 rods cause i forgot my left side planer boards at home..

Capt. Cam's fish



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nice job guys the pic of the guy in the bomber hat look like the hillbilly we ice fish with :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: just kiding with ya rog er

I love that hat. I bet it would look stunning on me. Gotta get one.

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Good Job Mike...:)

How was the water? I had planed to fish today in Manistee but the forecast called for 3-5ft waves when I looked Thursday night so I made alternate plans. It did not seem that windy today....:mad: Damn forecasters.

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