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  1. sorry guys but unless the dnr start up there salmon plants again its going to stay this way for a while
  2. after looking at the horns theres a small perfectally round hole at the base of the skull about 3/16 of an inch big. so im thinking a grub or some kind of bug got in there and it got infected and fell off on its own. the center is soft and black and under the skin is all puss:eek: thks guys for your congrats
  3. well my deer season was looking pretty bad until last night. tagged out in less than 10 minutes. I decided to go sit after work last night. got home from work and grabbed my stuff and head down the 2 track down on my neighbors property a few minutes before 5pm. theres a long ridge that runs along the swamp behind his house where I like to sit.well I got to the top of the hill that looks down into the swamp and just about **** my self there stood a couple of does eating acorns. I quickly got my gun up and bang. doe down. racked another shell and out of no where up pops a real nice one antlered 4 pt . must have been laying down watching the does well got the gun up again and bang buck down . doubled up in less then 10 min.never had to sit down lol. some time its amazing how things work out nothing in a month and a half and now tagged out and done — feeling excited. wish I found the one that ripped its other horn off but im pretty happy with this one
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