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  1. Boats still ready... Any suggestions??? Holland area. Lake Mac by chance??? I need to get out!!! Just to say I did!!!
  2. Boats still ready... Any suggestions??? Holland area. Lake Mac by chance??? I need to get out!!! Just to say I did!!!
  3. How far out behind boards do u run? Riggers and dipsys work this time of year??
  4. Having a smaller boat, 19', I typically wait till the first weekend in December to winterize. Love the outboard, cause it's pretty easy. LOVE Oct./Nov. on the lake!! The water just seams to be a different shade of blue, the fish are putting on the feedbags for winter and there is NO pressure! Gotta pick your days, but it is really a different feel on the water late in the season. Kinda eerie..... I have a totally respect for the water after going in the Fall...
  5. Need a BIG net to reach the water on that puppy... Definately need a tree stand for the boards too!!
  6. Got out for a beautiful evening. Marked a ton in the channel, and they were jumping everywhere but in the boat. Ended with one dark fish at the lake Mac end of the channel. Time for me to head offshore now when it allows. Blue plug- 60 back down 12 on rigger
  7. I agree... I have had the best action late fall... It is kinda scary being out there without boats around, but well worth it. Trolling the channel tonight and then I will switch tactics to offshore and Fall Walleye. Stay safe everyone! Tight lines..
  8. picked up 2 in the Holland Channel yesterday. smaller male and a 20 pounder. That's fun with all the boat traffic...
  9. So how do I find out what's worth???
  10. I recently upgraded to a brand new engine thanks to an unmarked rock in Canada. I have my 2003 merc. 115 fourstroke head still. It runs great, but has no lower unit. Any suggestions on what to do with it??? Scrap parts? E bay?? Scrap metal?? It's at the marina who did install of new motor and they kinda want it gone... No way the wife will let me store in the garage either. Any advice would be great!! Tight lines! Jeff
  11. Entire lower unit..... Yep... Ripped right off.....
  12. looking for someone to do a replica small mouth for my daughter. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!! Nice day on the water!!
  13. I do have insurance... Thank god!!! Thanks guys.. Need all the luck I can get... Not sure how it will work out, but I will keep ya posted.
  14. All of it is gone!!! Ripped off and on bottom of lake..... Gears prop housing.... Sunk
  15. Need some advice... I recently hit an unmarked rock in Canada that took off my lower unit on my 2003 Mercury 115 hp 4 stroke. Sucky trip to say the least. Is this sort of damage repairable??? It goes into the shop Monday. Just wondering if anyone has advice or what to expect. I do have insurance, just don't want to fix it and have it have issues, I never had a problem before. Is it even a thought to just replace it and buy new??? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Jeff
  16. 4-4 out of holland Saturday am. Set lines in 70 at 5:20. Blue glow flounder pounder down 30 on rigger took 1 before sunrise Then it slowed down. Picked away at em. Full core- blue dolphin took 1 Rigger down 30- reverse Craig's Christmas took 1 7 color- blue dolphin took Steelie All fish were 6-10 pounds. Perfect for the grill!! Pulled lines at 10:30 100-125 fow was best for us. 3.0 speed on surface. Got fish on east and west trolls. Tight lines!!
  17. Thanks for all your help this season!! Mines still open, so if we get a freak "indian Summer" I'll give ya a shout!! haha.. Like that will happen!! But hey, anything is possible!
  18. went 1/2... fish on the south side of the channel. White paddle and fly... 17 pounder. Missed one that wrapped around big red!! That was Tuesday evening 9-18. I was the only one I saw land anything. Saw a couple hits, but broke off!! Hope this helps. All fish were on an east troll coming into the channel on the south side.. all the fish I saw hit other boats were the same area same troll
  19. 1/2 trolling the piers Tuesday afternoon and evening. 2 hits on large white UV paddle with white fly on dypsy set at 25... Missed one on bad steering! Buddy almost ran the boat into Big Red watching me fight one!! Dang fish saw it's chance and wrapped around the pillon!! Amazingly I got my fly back! Nice 17 pounder... All the fish I marked and saw rip were on the south side of the channel. (north wind) Lots of boats, but everyone played nice!! Amazed how many people had boards out with that traffic!! Time to go deep though! Fish are too dark for me!!
  20. 3-5 this morning. South troll in 105 was our best. 3 steelies... no kings.. 3 color, green dolphin, 7 color blue dolphin, slider on rigger down 70, blue dolphin. Missed a rip on dipsy back 220, blue bubble combo, missed a steelie on 3 color. Not what I was planning, but got an excited 8 year old his first couple fish! Fish were 6, 8 and 9 pounds.... put on a great show off the back!! Off the water by 10... beat the heat. Tight lines!!!
  21. Got on the glass like seas around noon. Set lines in 80 and worked out to 180. Ended 8-15... grrrrrr.... Missed a couple ho's rippin lips and had a few BIG fish bend out hooks on my thin fins!! What worked best... 2-3 color core with gold thin fins took most ho's and steelies. orange crush on rigger 30 down took nice king, blue dolphin on 5 color took the other king. Best water was 120-160 south of holland. Never made it to Saugie.. Ended with 6 ho's, 2 steelies, and 2 nice kings. I'm trying to figure out pictures... Too many devices from computers to I pads and my phone... I'll try to get that fixed by next post... Tight lines....
  22. I just hope when it's my time, my wife doesn't sell all my things for what I told her I paid for them!! I just like to think we are very well rounded!!!
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