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    I am married with 2 beautiful little girls that LOVE fishing
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    Holland Mi
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    fishing, camping, playing guitar in my band
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    First Grade Teacher

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  1. Boats still ready... Any suggestions??? Holland area. Lake Mac by chance??? I need to get out!!! Just to say I did!!!
  2. Boats still ready... Any suggestions??? Holland area. Lake Mac by chance??? I need to get out!!! Just to say I did!!!
  3. How far out behind boards do u run? Riggers and dipsys work this time of year??
  4. Having a smaller boat, 19', I typically wait till the first weekend in December to winterize. Love the outboard, cause it's pretty easy. LOVE Oct./Nov. on the lake!! The water just seams to be a different shade of blue, the fish are putting on the feedbags for winter and there is NO pressure! Gotta pick your days, but it is really a different feel on the water late in the season. Kinda eerie..... I have a totally respect for the water after going in the Fall...
  5. Need a BIG net to reach the water on that puppy... Definately need a tree stand for the boards too!!
  6. Got out for a beautiful evening. Marked a ton in the channel, and they were jumping everywhere but in the boat. Ended with one dark fish at the lake Mac end of the channel. Time for me to head offshore now when it allows. Blue plug- 60 back down 12 on rigger
  7. I agree... I have had the best action late fall... It is kinda scary being out there without boats around, but well worth it. Trolling the channel tonight and then I will switch tactics to offshore and Fall Walleye. Stay safe everyone! Tight lines..
  8. picked up 2 in the Holland Channel yesterday. smaller male and a 20 pounder. That's fun with all the boat traffic...
  9. So how do I find out what's worth???
  10. I recently upgraded to a brand new engine thanks to an unmarked rock in Canada. I have my 2003 merc. 115 fourstroke head still. It runs great, but has no lower unit. Any suggestions on what to do with it??? Scrap parts? E bay?? Scrap metal?? It's at the marina who did install of new motor and they kinda want it gone... No way the wife will let me store in the garage either. Any advice would be great!! Tight lines! Jeff
  11. Entire lower unit..... Yep... Ripped right off.....
  12. looking for someone to do a replica small mouth for my daughter. Any help would be appreciated! thanks!! Nice day on the water!!
  13. I do have insurance... Thank god!!! Thanks guys.. Need all the luck I can get... Not sure how it will work out, but I will keep ya posted.
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