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  1. Glad no one was hurt and insurance has made things good. Best of luck fishing on the new boat.
  2. These were not young kids either, 4 of the 6 were in their 60's. Good to see the laws being enforced.
  3. Nice job on the fishing and the detailed report. Hope you get your gear back, it reminds me I need to put my name and # on two new boards before I use them.
  4. Two public launches in the area, the St Joe city launch on the island, which is in the flow of the river, so you have the current to deal with: and the DNR launch in Benton Harbor which is protected from the current (but some folks have had things stolen in the parking lot, I've not had any problems). The river is in good shape right now, but there are sand bars to watch out for. One sandbar area is in front of the launches, just follow another boat to see the main channel. No issues once you get past the first bridge, other than watch out for the dredging going on, but their pipe is well marked and wasn't in the way as of Friday. Best fishing right now is out in 80-120 foot of water, I'd start straight out from the pier heads and go from there. Fish are being found at many depths using riiggers, divers, core, wire and flatlines, all seem to be working. Good luck, I should be out on Saturday if the wind doesn't blow us off again.
  5. I drove by the Benton Harbor DNR launch at noon and there were quite a few trailers in the lot for a Tuesday. Keep after them, it is going to pick up.
  6. We went the route of canceling our home phone, only have cells now.
  7. This post is a great read. I have always wondered about a pc based gps, I checked out one used by a DNR officer and was intrigued by it. I also like that the pc is versatile and has many other uses, such as the mentioned access to the net with wifi. I may be interested in trying a set up like this some day. Thanks for all the info Frank.
  8. I hope they keep those things off our great lakes, they are an eyesore.
  9. Sprint sounds much more customer focused than my carrier AT&T. When my contract is up I'm switching.
  10. Glad you got the Spoonfed all ready, let me know when you come to SJ we'll have to meet up.
  11. Glad she took it well Mike, or you might be sleeping on the boat.
  12. I am extra cautious now, and have 3 of them on board. In my much younger days, had an incident where my buddy wanted to get the water out of his boat after a heavy rain by pulling the plug and gettting up on plane to suck the water out. I was driving, he pulled the plug from over the side, told me to gas it. I did and he went over board, with the plug in one hand and a beer in the other. Funniest sight I can remember. I came back around and picked him up. Not too much water came in, and we finished the job. I won't try that one again.
  13. Good to hear the fish are starting to bite. Nice job.
  14. Since it's Good Friday, I have the day off work and the kids are out of school, I plan to be out there. The DNR usually puts the docks in at the BH DNR launch on April 1, if not I will launch at the St Joe city launch.
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