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  1. This has been a great big water fishing/pleasure boat. Lower unit was completely rebuilt in fall of 2014 and new remanufactured 5.7L from Michigan Motors put in summer of 2015. also new in 2015 were motor mounts, gimbal bearing, one new battery, starter, and engine compartment painted and rewired. All new zippers on Bimini top and side curtains. side curtains are new last year. Also comes with sun deck cover. I never used it but it covers the back deck of boat. Gets in the way when fishing so I just left it off. Boat comes with 3 Big John captain pack downriggers, 2 double adjustable rod holders(one on each side of boat), Raymarine radar, Raymarine auto pilot, Aluminum radar arch. Have a Garmin GPS that I can throw in but not currently installed. Trailer is a 2000 galvanized double axle with surge brakes. I slipped this boat in Manistee so only used it twice a year. For full asking price of $13,000 I will include the portable shelter that I purchased new in 2012. It measures 10' wide 12' tall 30' long. I had to build this shelter up 18" for boat to fit with radar arch on but it's fully enclosed with boat inside. $12,500 obo without shelter.
  2. Hi,

    I was wondering how I would change the title under my screen name.

    I have looked all through "about me" and can't seem to locate it. I would like to change it from fisherman to charter captain.

    Thank you

    Capt'n Sue

  3. Trying this out this year. $148 at Lowe's. Way less expensive than a true dock box. If your on an even cheaper budget, Menards has a similar one for $99. http://images.lowes.com/product/converted/081483/081483005294lg.jpg
  4. I will also add to check/clean float switch regularly. I have had small bits of debris block off the float. Almost had my 19' Starcraft sink due to that. Slipped it and had a heavy rainfall overnight, next morning I had less than 2" of transom sticking out of water. Found a small piece of leaf blocking float. Took 45min for pump to remove water in bilge.
  5. Do I have to sign up for the Rockford class or just show up?
  6. How deep of water would you loose bottom with the 83/200? could you still see your cannon balls with the 83/200?
  7. I currently run a 50/200 transducer and love using the 50hz for tracking my cannon balls. Im looking at upgrading my unit this winter but wondering what the cone angle is like on the new 83/200 transducer? Would I still be able to track the cannon balls with this transducer?
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