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I have a idea.


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Here is what im thinking, last year glf put together a little outing in south haven in mid. april that about 6 or 7 members showed up to and fished for the day.

What im thinking about is doing something like this about once a month from april to oct or november, kind of a monthly "meet and greet" that would be in a different port almost every time. Basicly it would start in st. joe ,south haven area , and follow the fish from there.

Also there would be no rod limit, no box limit,and no crew size limit because this would not be a tournement, just a bunch of GLF members getting togather to catch a bunch of fish and have a good time.

I also thought about if it was in a place that was a little bit of a drive such as ludington or manistie to make it a weekend adventure.

well with that said how many would be interested in something like this:)?

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