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  1. small block chevys use same heads for 2 barrel carbs as 4 barrel carbs the intake is diff. for best fuel eco. i would stay with a 2bbl
  2. jon you cant go wrong going bigger than you need. my chevy has the big 6.3l gas engine before the upgrades for more towing and pushing power i was getting 17-19 highway. for plates go get special farm plates 20 bucks a year but the down side to that is they dont quailfy for the passport parking.
  3. real easy if its a older model 350 chevy it will have 4 valve cover bolts 2 on the top 2 on the bottom if its a vortec it'll hace 4 through the center of the cover
  4. jon that was a good day on the lake agian thanks for the invite
  5. stay away from stabil use seafoam had problems with the stabil and started using the seafoam and havent had any issues since
  6. http://www.fox17online.com/news/fox17-platte-river-nearly-6000-salmon-killed-in-act-of-vandalism-20121016,0,7921266.story
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