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  1. Is it OK if your setting on the outside of the pier
  2. Jon I work in Holland if you ever want to go out in the evening through the week I'll tag along

  3. Looks like we won't be able to fish it this year Nick is doing an internship at university of pittsburgh medical center all summer and brother in law has to many commitments to really say yes.
  4. Welcome,Welcome,Welcome
  5. If by port start you mean like everybody starts in the mouth personally I would not be for that our boat doesn't get and move quickly being stuck in the back fighting 10 or 15 boats wouldn't be fun for us and the only reason we do this is to have fun.
  6. We don't know Muskegon at all last time we fished out of Muskegon blew out a lower unit didn't know about the middle of Muskegon lake got so shallow but wiser for it.Probably would be willing to try it.Would prefer Saugatuck,Holland,Port Sheldon not a problem to trailer my boat but might be for some.
  7. I think The winner of each event should have to wear a pink fighting belt at the next weighin also Terry if you need any help let me know.
  8. Had a great time Frank thanks alot would do it again minus the late night towing
  9. Ok we're going to be in Augres this coming weekend camping and doing some walleye fishing we have the poles and the boat but need help with the time you guys fish morning or evening. And what do you use for catching walleye.
  10. WoW only a couple weeks and we'll be over there great job Frank and crew
  11. Maybe you should be getting paid for your touch HA HA HA just kidding
  12. I must say Frank your getting pretty good at this sport. Well done lots of good eating there.
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