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  1. If we ban all words nobody would get their feelings hurt:thumb: WTF who elected this guy!!! Our country is going down the tubes.
  2. Image stabilized cannons do the trick for me,stick with 10x50s anything bigger are hard to use when you are moving.I love the pair i have and anybody that trys them say holy S#^! those are nice.
  3. we fished out of manistee sat on the big pond,out in 140 fow and 6 of the 9 fish we caught had ben in the river this fall and returned to the lake allready.they had some awsome colors and the 3 males had big ole kipes on em and one of the hens had loose spawn.thats more than we have ever caught this time of the year that had droped back to the lake allready.
  4. All depends on the day and the conditions.We start out running and watching the graph untill we locate baite or fish and dial our setup in from there.We do tend to concentrate more on the top 50 fow most days.
  5. I never put the boat away for the season.We get a decent day and a clear launch and its on.we have caught fish on the big water in every month of the year,only 2 January trips tho.Fall fishing is my favorite. We had 43 fish to the back of the boat last sun so the fun is just getting started:thumb:
  6. sengs 231 723 9444 marina is fenced,nice clean fish cleaning station,ice avalible,plenty of parking and clean.
  7. best sounder i have used on a boat.this will be the 3rd summer running it.
  8. the rigids are top notch leds,we have 3 on the back of the boat and 2 up front.they are built for the off road guys.
  9. i prefer to trailer my boat.i had a slip the past 2 years but i find it keeps me at that port.next year we will be back to chasing the bite around the state.
  10. we fished the point out of manistee today and went 5 for 12:confused: 1 went 20#s all on mag spoons,most of the lost fish came on meat on the bottom..there was dead baite floating on the surface allmost the whole ride back too manistee 11 miles or so
  11. the rigid leds are are great lights.i have a set on my radar arch to light up the front and 3 on the back to light up off to the sides of the boat and the deck.they look good and are built like a tank.i have friends that run them on offroad trucks and they will take just about any abuse you can put them through short of smashing them with a hammer:thumb:built in the usa too:thumb:
  12. the garmin chirp sounders are outstanding.we switched to the garmin mid season last year.target seperation is unbelievable and performance at planing speeds are great.marks fish tite to the bottom.controls are very easy to use.
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